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October 29, 2020
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A Big Dog Party
by Joey Bokor

Anyone remember that book by P. D. Eastman called Go Dog, Go? That was one of our favorites to read to the girls when they were a few years younger. The dogs go on lots of adventures and at some point, we find out where they are all going. To a dog party, a big dog party.

Recently, Abby and Maddy had a sleep-over at their grandparents' house to prepare for a dog birthday party. They made dog lollipops out of chew sticks and each dog in attendance went home with their own Paw-ty Bag.

But the highlight of the party started with an idea that Maddy came up with a few months ago. Maddy loves dogs and loves giving them treats. My mom had some Frosty Paws, like an Italian Ice for dogs, in her freezer and Maddy loved the way the dogs couldn't stop lick-lick-licking away at the cold treat. (How many licks does it take to get to the center?) Then the next time she visited, my mom was out of Frosty Paws. But Maddy is scrappy. She came up with her own 'easy' recipes to make Frosty Paws at home. The day she wrote them down not all of the ingredients were available, but for this dog party, my mom made sure to have everything the recipes called for on hand.

The home-made icy treats were a hit at the party, with both the dogs and apparently the humans. They were the perfect way to top off a dog birthday party. And just like the dogs in the story, after the party, everyone curled up for a great night's sleep. It was quite the party.

Maddy's Doggy Iceys

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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The Weekly Special
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Pet Friendly Houseplants

You love plants and you want to bring their natural beauty into your home, but you love your pets too. Don't worry, we won't make you say which you love more. The good news is both plants and pets can live together, just ask Precious, our nursery cat. Below is a list of pet-friendly house plants that the ASPCA lists as non-toxic to both dogs and cats. Check out the list and then come check out what we have in stock in the store or shop online at Dwell at Kerby's. Let's bring a little nature into our homes.

- African Violet
- Air Plants (Tillandsias)
- Areca Palm
- Baby's Tears
- Bamboo Palm
- Bird's Nest Fern
- Boston Fern
- Bromeliads
- Calathea
- Carnivorous Plants - Venus Fly Traps and Pitcher Plants
- Aspidistra or Cast Iron Plant
- Christmas Cactus
- Fittona or Nerve Plant
- Money Tree
- Parlor Palm
- Peperomia
- Pilea or Friendship Plant
- Pony Tail Palm
- Purple Waffle Plant
- Spider Plant
- Staghorn Fern

*** This list was compiled from the ASPCA website on plants and is intended to be informative only. If you happen to have a pet that loves to eat plants, please keep in mind that these non-toxic plants may still cause minor illness and digestive upset. Please consult a veterinarian if you have questions on specific plants or if you experience a pet with illness caused by any plants.

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