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November 12, 2020
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Plants Want to Live
by Joey Bokor

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Well, I guess it isn't a secret, but it is easy to forget sometimes: Plants Want to Live. It's what they are created to do. It doesn't mean they don't need our help to get going, but plants are made to thrive and survive.

I know this is true and yet, I often have to learn the lesson all over again. The other day I was mowing our backyard, enjoying the peace that walking back and forth with the mower brings, when out of the corner of my eye, a gorgeous leaf caught my attention. It was so striking because this leaf was hiding in a huge pile of brush where we pile our yard waste: branches, limbs, weeds and, yes, sometimes our plants that didn't make it.

This particular leaf wasn't just one plant, there happened to be three plants once I looked closer, including one tucked among some wild grape vines. They were all Orbifolia Calatheas that during the heat and humidity of a Florida summer, had declined to the point where they didn't seem salvageable, so they got tossed onto the heap. But here they were alive and thriving in a place that gets no water except for rain, no fertilizer and very little light. But alive they were. Actually, not just alive, but recovering beautifully. So, I stopped what I was doing and quickly potted them and put them back into our houseplant collection. Of course, now that we are paying attention to them again, they'll probably get moody and stop growing. I've already threatened them that if they do, I'll send them back out to the heap.

These little beauties hiding in our pile of yard trash made me really appreciate that plants want to live. It's what they are made to do. Sometimes, I think, we kill our plants with too much love, giving them way more than they need and overreacting to their subtle changes. Be kind to your plants. They will love you back and thrive along with you. Come to think of it, it's kind of the same way with people.

P.S. - Hope everyone is safe with Tropical Storm Eta coming through our area. What a change in track from Tuesday to Wednesday. As a precaution, Kerby's will remain closed today (Thursday) and will reopen on Friday morning.
Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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The Weekly Special
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November Garden Tasks

Where did the year go? We bought a jug of milk the other day and the expiration date was 2021. It has been a year that has both flown and seemed to stand still. So make the most out of the remainder of the year by getting out and starting on some fall and winter garden tasks. In Florida, the garden is always open.

Keep an Eye on Watering - The summer rains grant forgiveness when you forget to water new plants. By now, the afternoon rain patterns have stopped (todays tropical storm being a rare exception), and you want to be sure you are following our typical watering instructions for new plants: daily for the first month, every other day for the second month, and twice weekly in the third month. Of course, always water in the morning. This has started out as a particularly hot November, so plants still need plenty of water to be happy in their new homes.

Plant some Color - The cool season brings a new opportunity to brighten gardens with favorites that can't take our summer heat. For bright winter color, add geraniums, petunias, alyssum and snapdragons to your landscape.

Help the Butterflies - Butterflies, especially monarchs, are finishing their southern migration throughout this month. As they make their way toward their wintering grounds in Mexico, make sure you have plenty of yummy flowers like pentas and salvias to feed them along their journey.

Time to Prune - We avoid severe prunes in the summer because of the intensity of the sun and heat. Now that the days are shorter and the temperatures are slightly cooler than summer, it is a great time to prune cold-hardy shrubs and trees.

Prepare for Winter - It always seems a little silly to talk about frost and freeze when it is 85 and balmy outside, but now is the time to assemble the materials you will need for protecting your plants in the winter. For sensitive shrubs or fruit trees, make sure that you have enough frost blankets to cover plants completely, and anchor pins to attach blankets to the ground.

Plant Herb Gardens - Most herbs are cold-hardy and since there are many great meals to share during the holiday season, be sure you've got your rosemary, sage, parsley and thyme planted. When it is time to cook, you'll be ready to harvest fresh herbs to spice up your best recipes.

Bring the Garden Inside - When the weather drives you inside, or if you just prefer inside to outside, you can still work on your green thumb. With houseplants, you can bring the air-cleaning and oxygen-producing benefits of plants right into your home.

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