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September 29, 2018   
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Picking out pumpkins.

Nope, you haven't entered a time-warp. It really is Saturday, not Thursday, but it has been a whirlwind of a week and so the e-newsletter this week is a few days late. And would you believe that it all started with a little spider. At least that's who I'm blaming.

On Monday, I was out planting a tree when the staff called to tell me the internet is down. Well, I say, that's fine, make sure the phone line is plugged in and you can still accept credit cards. But as it turns out the phone line was down too. So I hustle back to the store and start trying to figure it out. I have this old land-line phone from the 80s that I still keep around for testing phone lines, so I'm walking around with this giant phone, trying and trying to get a dial-tone and nothing. As a last resort, I dismantled the phone jack and just as I got the last screw off a little spider jumps out and runs off. Suddenly the phone lines start working again. Maybe his little legs were touching the two contact points and causing interference. I have no idea, but they started working again and have been all week.

Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, Kim and I headed up to the Atlanta Farmers Market
Pumpkins and gourds, fresh from the Farmer's Market.
and brought back tons of the coolest pumpkins and gourds you've ever seen this far south. There are prizewinners and polar bears as well as cronus big-stems, bi-colors and warty goblins. All sorts of cool stuff to decorate your front porch and make fall happen. The pumpkins are in a new location this year, under the big white canopy at the front of the nursery.

And that brings us to the end of the whirlwind week. Because, as we set up the new canopy, we hit a pipe with one of the spikes. Not a 1" pipe, not a 2" pipe, but a 3" pipe that feeds water to the entire nursery. So we spent a good amount of time digging down to the pipes (about 3 feet underground) and cleaning out the area so that we could make the repairs.

But I'm happy to report that the pipes are fixed, the phone lines work and we are ready for an exciting weekend. It's Florida so Mother Nature isn't going to bring us true fall weather anytime soon, so we'll just have to improvise and make fall happen ourselves. Come on in see us, we'll show you how.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Create your own Fall.
Garden Tip
Get your Garden Back
The calendar says it's autumn, but that doesn't always mean much for us. Temps are still high, and the humidity is still sticking around. But that doesn't mean you can't make a little fall happen in your garden. See below for some ideas of what you can do in your garden to create your own Fall in Florida.

1) Out with the Old - Summer annuals will start to finish up as we move into the fall. So pull any old plants out to make room for some new fall beauties.
2) In with the new - Add color back with cool-season annuals. Each week as we move into October more of your  cool-season favorites will arrive like lavender, geraniums, petunias and more.
3) Think beyond plants - When you travel around up north, it seems like everyone decks out their front porch for the fall season. Not sure why it doesn't always happen in Florida. With a bale of pinestraw, a couple of unique pumpkins and of course a beautiful fall mum, your porch is instantly transformed with the beauty of fall.
4) Pots - Pottery in gorgeous autumn colors is another great way to kick up your fall decorating a notch. Don't forget all of the outdoor glazed pots at Kerby's are buy one get one 50% off.
5) Fall is for Fun - I saw a great quote the other about autumn from Hal Borland - 'Of all the seasons, autumn offers the most to man and requires the least of him'. So as fall weather actually starts to come our way, take advantage of the season that doesn't require too much from you, but gives you lots back.
Make Fall Happen
Supertunia Bubblegum

Bright and Beautiful
6" Pot - $7.99
Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

The coolest pumpkins and gourds in town.

Fall in Florida starts with crotons.
6" Pot - $7.99
10" Pot - $17.99

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