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September 28, 2017   
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A Room with a View.

Do you ever have people accuse you of bringing the weather with you? You know, you travel somewhere and it starts raining and they say 'You brought the rain with you'. Or, they ask you to bring the weather with them? 'Bring some of that cool weather when you come down here.' Last week I was simultaneously accused of bringing weather and thanked for leaving weather behind. I traveled to Vermont for an annual Garden Center Convention (more fun than it sounds) and after the stress of Irmageddon, Irmagosh, whatever you call it, I was glad to get away for a bit. The folks there were concerned for our recovery and glad that I hadn't dragged the aptly named Jose with me on my way to Vermont. However what did come with me was unseasonably hot weather. I thought I'd be packing pants, sweaters, maybe even a jacket, but each day of the week it was in the upper 80s. They even cancelled the Montreal marathon, out of concern for the runners (they were expecting temps near 90 on Saturday - we were in Montreal on Sunday and it was 92! ). So I left the hurricane, but apparantly brought the heat with me.
The kids are ready for their next lemonade stand!

That doesn't mean that Vermont wasn't absolutely gorgeous. I was in Burlington, right on Lake Champlain. The view from my hotel window was amazing: a beautiful lake, sailboats and the Adirondacks in the background. On the phone with Kim one night, she was telling me how much Abby had enjoyed orchestra rehearsal, and I responded with 'That won't really fit into my plan to not leave Vermont.' Kim joined me on Wednesday (to make sure I came home) and we toured Shelburne Farms - a 1400 acre non-profit working farm that hosts lots of education opportunities for kids and families. We sampled lots of delicious cheese and we did some great hiking. We also toured some garden centers, and I have never seen such beautiful flowers. Daisies, mums, petunias, they were huge! Zone 4 to Zone 9 makes a huge difference in the way things grow. You know what else I saw as we adventured outdoors and toured garden centers? Tons of butterflies - and many of the same ones that we have here And it reminded me that this Saturday is the Butterfly Workshop (and that I need to get ready for it!) So come out and join us Saturday morning at 10am, the kids will be serving lemonade to keep you cool (unfortunately, there wasn't any cool weather in Vermont to bring back with me. . . ) and I'll teach you how to make your garden the one that all the butterflies hang out in.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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FloriGlory™ Diana Heather
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FloriGlory™ Diana Heather

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Keep Things Wild

Garden Tip
 Keep Things Wild

It won't land your garden on the cover of a magazine, or win the yard of the month prize in your neighborhood, but when it's butterflies that you're trying to attract, leaving things a little wild is really helpful. Fallen branches and trees (we've had lots of those recently) and even slightly weedy areas provide food and shelter for many types of butterflies and moths. It doesn't mean that you have to let your entire yard go, but having some pockets for little critters to escape to will keep them happy and keep them coming back to your garden.
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