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September 12, 2019
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The Strangest of Friends
by Joey Bokor

Two best buds, just hanging out.
You expect a person and a dog to be friends. You don't expect it from a cat and a dog. If I told you a cow and a sheep were friends in a farm pasture, that probably wouldn't surprise you. But what if I told you that a parrot and an iguana had become best friends.

This summer at the Ardastra Zoo while we were strolling around and looking at the different animals, we saw one unlikely pair together. It was tough to get a really clear picture, but you can at least see that in this one exhibit, there is an iguana and a parrot, just hanging out with each other.

I can't remember now if it was the parrot or the iguana that was sick at some point, but one of them was taken to the infirmary for treatment and the other was quite sad when the other was gone. Apparently, this odd couple has become best friends. I try to imagine what they do together. Maybe they talk about life on the ground versus life in the sky. Or maybe they play tricks on the flamingos. Who knows? It's interesting that two animals that you wouldn't picture being around each other have become companions to the point that they miss each other when they aren't together. I think we all need a friend like that.

If you need something to keep you busy while you and your best friend aren't together, you are in luck, because it is time to plant your fall vegetable garden. Veggie starts have arrived at the nursery and with all the sun we've had lately they'll start growing like crazy. Speaking of lots of sun, it has been really hot and dry, so be sure you are keeping your plants watered. Even established plants get used to a soaking from Mother Nature each day and when those rains dry up, they start to wilt in these hot September afternoons. A good drink with the hose will help pull them through until a little rain shows back up in the forecast.
Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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