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September 12, 2013   

Kerby's has everything you need to plant and care for roses. Come check out the new shipment of 200 rose bushes.

The thermometer may not have changed much, but the drier air this week has meant that it isn't quite as hot outside. That makes it the perfect time to get out in the garden. Cool plants are coming in almost every day now at the nursery, including a shipment of 200 fortuniana-grafted roses, with favorites like: Mr. Lincoln, JFK, Pope John Paul II, Voluptuous and Gemini. If you don't have enough sun for roses, never fear, a shipment of camellias also came in with classics like Pink Perfection, Debutante and Don Mac. Plant now for beautiful fall and winter blooms.

The results of jelly week. Enough jelly to last until the next harvest and three different types of pepper sauce.
We split our time this week between the garden and the kitchen. It was jelly week. After harvesting grapes from Papa Kerby's grape vines, we made our first batch of muscadine jelly for 2013 and of course made some buttermilk biscuits for the taste test. It was the perfect time for jelly week, because we finished the last jar from 2012 a few weeks ago. Now we have enough jelly to last until next season's harvest. Besides grape jelly, we made a few jars of pepper sauce out of scotch bonnet, grove and lemon peppers. Now we can enjoy the fruits of our labor all year. Muscadine grapes are easy to grow up any fence, trellis or arbor and are great fresh off the vine, but are especially good for jelly. Vines are still available at Kerby's - plant now for a harvest next summer. And see below for the fall workshop schedule. We hope you are planning on having lots of fun in the garden with Kerby's.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Elliot's Love Grass
6" Pot - $4.99
Featured Plant
Elliot's Love Grass
Eragrostis elliottii

Texture is an overlooked feature in a landscape, and grasses are the perfect way to add it. Plus they add lovely decoration to landscapes and container gardens for the fall. The Elliot's love grass is tough, hardy and low-maintenance. Use it to break up large shrub areas, or accent colorful annual beds with lovely texture.

Upcoming Events


Workshop: Fall Veggie Gardening
Saturday, September 21st at 10am

You love Florida, because you get a second veggie season. Come out to this workshop to learn all about planting a fall veggie garden, including what you should plant to be successful. You'll also learn about starting veggie plants from seed and how to prepare a good rich soil for bountiful harvests. We'll finish off with an Earthbox planting demo.





Workshop: The Edible Landscape
Growing and Caring for Fruit Trees.
Saturday, October 5th at 10am  

Your landscape should be beautiful, but don't you think it should work for you too? By planting fruit trees of different sizes, you can work edible plants into many areas of your landscape and make it both a beautiful landscape and one that provides great harvests of delicious fruits. Come to this workshop to learn how. Plus we'll talk about protecting sensitive trees in the winter and we'll show some of the cool new fruit varieties that have arrived at Kerby's.



Workshop: Butterfly Gardening
Saturday, October 12th at 10am

This year has been an amazing year for butterflies. At this workshop, you'll learn about starting a butterfly garden and things to do in the fall and winter to care for the shrubs and flowers already in your garden to make sure they are in peak shape for spring.



Workshop: Growing Camellias in Florida
Saturday, October 19th at 10am  

Camellias are a classic southern flower and they brighten shady areas in the fall, winter and early spring. We'll talk about planting and caring for camellias to keep them at their best. And we'll touch on other classic shrubs like azaleas and gardenias which tend to like similar conditions to the camellia.





Workshop: Fall Container Gardening

Saturday, October 26th at 10am

Creating a beautiful container garden is easy and is a simple way to decorate any doorway, porch or patio. At this demonstration/workshop we'll demonstrate how to create beautiful arrangements that will make everyone who visits your home smile, plus you'll get all the pointers you need to create your own beautiful container garden.

Workshop : Herb Gardening
Saturday, November 2nd at 10am

Without herbs, food would just be boring! And of course the best herbs come straight from your own garden. At this workshop, we'll show you the best ways to plant and care for your herb garden and we'll show you which herbs are great to plant now. Plus we'll share tips on preserving and storing herbs. Discover how delicious gardening can be! 





Workshop: Protecting Plants and Winter Gardening
Saturday, November 9th at 10am

Florida is known for warm weather and sunshine, but even here in central Florida, the occasional frost or freeze comes our way. Be ready this year, by attending this workshop. You'll learn the best ways to protect plants from cold weather and we'll demonstrate the proper way to cover plants to make sure all of your favorite shrubs, trees and flowers are warm and snug this winter. We'll also talk about what to do in the garden at this time of year, after all it is Florida and we can play in the yard all year long!




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