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 September 11, 2014   

Get outside and plant something delicious.
It's here, it's here! It's time to plant veggie gardens. It's time to get those gardens back into shape. If there is anything left in your garden from the spring (like okra or eggplant) it is probably looking a little care-worn. Out with the old, and in with the new. 4-pack veggie seedlings are in stock at Kerby's, plus lots of seeds for cool varieties of vegetables (see the article below for seed-planting info). As the heat starts to break just a little, get out and grow some veggies for the fall. To us, the fall is the easier season for veggie gardens. There are less issues with disease and bugs, and it usually requires less spraying. So if you've been meaning to plant a veggie garden, but have never tried, now is the time to get outside and grow something delicious.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Starting Veggie Seeds

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Golden Butterfly Allamanda
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Featured Plant
Golden Butterfly Allamanda
Allamanda x
Beautiful, golden-yellow blooms are a lovely way to begin to usher in the fall season. This allamanda is a cousin of the typical climbing variety, but it doesn't grow as tall. It is lovely in pots for bright color, or great planted in a nice sunny garden.



Growing Vegetables from Seed

Below is information on starting veggies from seeds. Seeds are a great way to start a vegetable garden, and are an especially great way to get varieties that are hard to find as seedlings. A couple of cool varieties that I think we are going to try in our garden this year are: Easter Egg Blend Radishes, Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Moneymaker Tomatoes and Listada de Gandia Eggplants. My mouth is watering already. What will you grow this season?

Plant Seeds Properly - That seems obvious doesn't it . . . but two things are critical when planting veggie seeds. Plant seeds at the correct time of year and at the correct depth. Planting seeds when it is too cold or too hot will result in poor germination and weak plants. Additionally, each type of veggie has a different planting depth. Radishes (pictured at right), for instance, should be planted at a depth of about a half inch, whereas most lettuces are planted at a quarter of an inch. Planting too deep means a seedling can't find the sun as soon as it needs to and results in a weak plant, or no plant at all. The University of Florida has a great Vegetable Gardening Guide with tables of detailed information for lots of veggies.

Start Seeds in Pots or Trays - Some seeds, like lettuce, spinach, radishes and carrots are easier to start right in garden beds. But some veggies like collards, broccoli, tomatoes and peppers are easier to start in individual pots or trays. We like to use old egg cartons with holes poked in them as our seed-starting trays. This allows you to start a number of seeds and then select the strongest plants for your garden. When starting seeds in pots or trays, use a very light soil. Mix a little perlite or vermiculite into your garden soil to lighten it, or use a mix designed specifically for seeds. A dense, heavy soil can be tough for a little seedling to push through.


Water seeds properly - Seeds don't need a whole lot to get started. A little sunlight and moderate moisture is all that they need. Avoid over-saturating the soil that you are starting seeds in, as this can lead to disease issues and poor growth of seedlings. As seedlings grow larger, increase the amount of water they receive. 


There are so many cool vegetables out there and seeds are a great and inexpensive way to get a veggie garden started. What will you plant this season?


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