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September 5, 2019
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What a Difference 24 Hours Makes
by Joey Bokor

Not What we Expected to be Doing
Things sure can change in 24 hours. We all learned that lesson this week. Last Friday at our weekly staff meeting, our big topic of discussion was hurricane preparation. Dorian had gone from a tropical system that would dissipate to a strong hurricane and suddenly the forecast models all had the track cutting right across the state. We discussed the steps we would take to get ready for a hurricane; what things needed to be secured, taken down and packed away. On Friday morning, every weather forecast said that we would be experiencing at the very least tropical storm force winds sometime in the next 5 days. I'm sure many of you remember Frances and Jean in 2004. Both of those storms weren't particularly strong hurricanes and they came from the east coast across the state. They both did plenty of damage to trees and homes and caused many power outages throughout the area.

With those storms in mind, we started making our plans. And then a little later in the day, the forecast models started suggesting a pull to the east. It wasn't confirmed yet, just a suggestion that they might move that way. By Saturday morning, the consensus was that Dorian wasn't coming across the state. Quite a change in 24 hours. But I know that I breathed at least a tentative sigh of relief and was glad that although we'd made plans to get ready for a hurricane, we hadn't put many into action just yet.

Even as I write this newsletter, Dorian is still just off the coast of Florida. It's scary to look at the satellite and radar and see this beast of a storm just hovering there. And while we are able to relax a little in our area, it is heart-wrenching to see the damage that occurred in the Bahamas. One of my staff members pointed out to me this morning that the sustained winds of Dorian when it hit the Bahamas were equivalent to an EF4 tornado. Just devastating. And now as Dorian moves slowly northward, I know that the folks in North and South Carolina are dealing with the same anxiety. Where will it go and what can be done to prepare.

For us, we went from preparing to hunker down inside, to painting a fence in our yard. We had no idea that we would even be able to do that. We definitely dodged a big one this time. What a difference 24 hours makes.
Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Garden Tip
Mediterranean Landscaping

There are many styles of landscaping: tropical, formal, cottage and native just to name a few. But one of my favorites that often gets overlooked is Mediterranean. Just close your eyes and picture a Tuscan villa. What do you see? Tall stately cypress, rolling fields of grape vines and olive trees, potted citrus and classic statues? That's what I see when I picture this type of landscaping. Want to add a little of that style to your home? See our must-haves for mediterranean style below. You'll have one of the only Tuscan villas on the block.

1) Start with Cypress - Every picture of a mediterranean home that I've seen has a foundation of beautiful cypress. I mean, we even call them Italian cypress. The narrow shape, soaring height and ability to grow in poor, rocky soils makes them perfect for creating a foundation or a living screen. If you need something a little larger and wider, the leyland cypress or green giant arborvitae also give the same texture and look.

2) Add Some Edibles - A mediterranean landscape wouldn't be complete without something to use in the kitchen. Plant a dwarf citrus tree in a pot for a landscape centerpiece that gives a little color (from the fruit) and gives you something to add to your best pasta dishes. Olive trees are another way to add a beautiful tree that has lovely silver leaves and gnarling trunks as they age.

3) Terra-Cotta Pottery - In many mediterrean landscapes there isn't alot of ground to work with, so pots are required to plant shrubs and flowers. When you are choosing pottery for this style of landscaping, skip the bright colors for earth-tones and terra-cotta. And get creative with what you plant in them. Flowers, herbs, vegetables or even fruit trees can create that tuscan feel when added into planting beds.

4) Statues - Playful cherub statues are a hallmark of this landscape style, so find a statue that fits your personality and add it to the landscape. Make sure it is hidden a little so that people wandering your garden feel like they are discovering something new.

5) Don't Forget Flowers - Our climate is very different in Florida than it is in Italy, so you won't be able to use the exact flowers you might find there. But there are still plenty of Florida-friendly options that will fit a mediterranean style. Blue-my-mind, white whirling butterflies and floriglory heather are a few great bloomers that come to mind. Add them in small groups around the landscape for pops of color. Pretty soon, every time you come home, you'll feel like you're arriving at a Tuscan villa. 

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