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October 26, 2017   
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The spanish needle is a type of bidens, and the flowers are edible.

So you may remember the newsletter I wrote about my four year old stealing the show when she sang You Are My Sunshine in front of a huge roomful of people at a wedding reception. Apparently besides being a talented singer, she is also quite the comedian. We were out in the yard the other day, and the girls love eating things from the garden. They are always snacking on stevia, mulberries and mint. And we've also found a few wild edibles that they enjoy every now and then. One of them is the spanish needle - a variety of bidens. So I told Maddy that the name of the flower was 'Bidens' and her response to me was 'Is it called that because someone Bid-en to it. . Get it - bit into it'. I have no idea how she came up with that, but she sure keeps us on our toes (and makes us laugh too!)

Make your home gorgeous this season with a porch pot.
Between the outdoor comedy act and the gorgeous fall temperatures, it feels like the perfect time of year to get our homes ready for all of the festivities that the end of the year brings. And this Saturday at 10am, Kerby's will show you an amazing way to bring color, texture and fun to your porches, patios and gardens with beautiful Fall Porch Pots. A striking pot filled with amazing flower will be sure to catch the eye of everyone who visits you this season. Plus you'll love the look of your home when you drive up to it each day. Some come out for a gorgeous weekend, learn all about Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers and enjoy a little Fall in Florida. For this week, at least, we don't have to pretend!

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Bright beautiful flowers that love the cool weather.
Featured Plant
Snaptastic Snapdragons

It took fall long enough to get here, but now with the cooler weather, planting fall annuals doesn't seem quite so crazy. So come in to Kerby's and check out these gorgeous Snaptastic Snapdragons. They are colorful and compact, for beautiful flowers throughout the entire cool season.
14-14-14 with Osmocote
1 lb. - $4.99
5 lb. - $19.99
Featured Product
14-14-14 with Osmocote

Coated fertilizers let you fertilize once, and forget about it for awhile. When we are planting smaller flowering plants and container gardens or porch pots, we always use a scoop of this great fertilizer in the planting hole.  It releases nutrients slowly so that plants are fed over a long period of time - up to 120 days! Plant your next flowers with this fertilizer and watch them grow and bloom away.
Gorgeous color and fancy texture with porch pots.

Garden Tip
Designing Porch Pots

Gorgeous porch pots are easy to plant and you can be as creative or as simple you want. The best rule of thumb to follow is: Thriller, Filler and Spiller. Pick a thriller for the pot, something that grows tall, stands out and will be the focal point of the arrangement. Then choose some fillers - mid-sized plants that will anchor the pot, creating nice texture or color in the middle section. Finally choose a spiller. A plant that cascades out of the pot and adds an extra dimension. No matter how large or small your pot, with a Thriller, Filler and Spiller, you can't go wrong. 
Just In
All Glazed Pottery

Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off
Pinebark, Cypress and Red Mulch

$1.99 per 2 cu ft. bag


Get em while you can. The last veggie shipment of the season is here.

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