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October 25, 2018   
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A little soggy after the Air Supply concert.

Do you have a guilty pleasure band? You know some cheesy music group that you're sort of embarrassed to admit that you like and probably even more embarassed to say that you went to their concert? I'm going to tell you mine. It's Air Supply. I mean, it doesn't get much cheesier than 'Lost in Love', 'All Out of Love' and 'Making Love out of Nothing at All' right?

I feel like I should give some backstory. In high school, Kim loved the Air Supply Greatest Hits album. She was always listening to it and so to be a good boyfriend, I started listening to them too (sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not). Eventually, those cheesy songs became the soundtrack for our high school relationship.

Just to prove we were there.
She even dragged me to the Florida State Fair to see them back in like 1994. But that's not the only time we've seen them. A few years ago, they came to the Strawberry Festival and just a few weeks ago, we saw them at EPCOT. We even stuck it out through a rainstorm, just to hear some of our favorites! They didn't disappoint. They've been touring for 44 years and the lead singer can still belt out those high notes.

So, no judgement here. It doesn't matter what keeps you singing as long as you keep on singing. We've all got a few songs that when we hear them come on the radio, we turn it up, sing at the top of our lungs and let those memories come crashing through. And besides, you don't have to wait for them to come on the radio anymore. Just stream them on your favorite app, pop in some headphones and head out to the garden. The only things that will hear you singing are the flowers. And I promise, they won't judge you either. 

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Get your garden ready for fall.
Garden Tip
Fall Garden To-dos

It's finally here. Fall in Florida, and hopefully it's here for more than just one morning! The cooler weather makes it the perfect time to get outside and make sure your garden is ready for the fall season.
1) Trim a little - Spring is the big pruning season, but for certain hardy plants such as viburnums, hawthorns, boxwoods and loropetalum, now is a great time to shape them up for the season. If you have cold-sensitive plants, avoid any severe pruning. The flushes of new growth that come out will be too sensitive to survive a frost or freeze. 
2) Refresh Mulch - Nothing finishes a landscape like fresh mulch. If your mulch has lost its color or washed away with the summer rains, add a light layer to refresh for winter. And don't forget that Kerby's Pine Bark, Red Mulch and Cypress is just $1.99 per bag. We also carry Black Mulch, Brown Mulch and Red Pine Bark for $2.99 per bag as well as Pine Straw for $5 per bale.
3) Finish your Veggie Gardens - It's time to finish your veggie gardens. I always use the first cool snap as a signal to plant beds of spinach, arugula, lettuce or cabbage. And for you cilantro fans - now is the time to plant. Cilantro loves this less humid, cooler time of year. For warm season veggies like tomatos and peppers, if you are still planning to plant do it sooner rather than later so that you can harvest before frost and freeze.
4) Plant for the Cool Season - When it is cooler out, it is the perfect time to be in the garden. So don't be afraid to plant. Hardy shrubs like azaleas, camellias and roses will love getting in the ground now and won't be affected by any Florida winter weather.
5) Plant for the season - As summer annuals finish blooming, keep your gardens colorful with petunias and geraniums for winter-long blooms.

There is lots to do in the garden and plenty that can be planted at this time of the year. The cooler weather makes it easier on you and the plants. So keep your gardening tools ready and enjoy the fall season in Florida.
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