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October 22, 2020
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What's Your Pumpkin Personality?
by Joey Bokor

You've got a personality. You probably have lots of different personalities, depending on the day you are having. And you never know which one is going to show up when you wake up each morning. Some days I wake up feeling like a Warty Goblin. Other days, I want to nap in the sun like a Grizzly Bear and take it easy like Mellow Yellow. Our pumpkins feel you. As we looked over all of the cool colors and textures, we pictured each of them having their own characters and so we created the pumpkin personalities below. Which one are you feeling today?

And with pumpkin season (and fall) in full swing, there is lots to do in the garden. Abby made the most amazing pumpkin Bundt cakes last week and it reminded me of how close we are to the holiday season, and that we need to make sure our favorite herbs are planted and ready to spice up our holiday cooking. And don't forget veggies. It's time to plant tomatoes and peppers, collards and cabbage to be ready for end of the year harvests. Besides edibles, geraniums, supertunias and many of your cool-season favorites are making their way into the nursery. Time for Fall Fun in the Garden.
Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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The Pumpkin Patch is Open
Come out and enjoy the gourd-geous pumpkins and take a fun fall picture at the pumpkin wall.

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Herb Gardening

The holiday season is fast approaching and before too long, you'll be getting out your favorite recipes for turkey and dressing, herb-crusted pork roast, or whatever your family favorites are. Be ready for the season by making sure your herb garden is in shape and growing well, so that you'll have plenty of fresh herbs to spice up your best recipes. Nothing tastes like fresh-picked from the garden.

Select the Location - Herbs love sun, but sometimes the Florida sun can be a little too much. Our favorite spot for herbs is a location with 4 to 8 hours of sun. Morning sun is best, because a little protection in the afternoon will go a long way towards keeping plants happy.

Make it Easy to Harvest - When you are looking at a recipe after a long day, it is easy to get lazy and reach for dried herbs in the pantry. Make your garden accessible so that you are sure to use fresh herbs. Our herb garden is partially in view from the kitchen window and with it in view, we are reminded to go our and harvest.

Use Good Soil - The flavors and health benefits that we love in herbs come directly from the soil. It is where plants get the majority of their nutrients. When planting be sure to use a rich soil such as our Kerby's Planting Soil or FoxFarm's Happy Frog.

Plant Well - With good soil in hand, plant herbs level with the ground around them, lightly tamping down the soil in the planting hole. If the roots of the plants are a little compacted, be sure to loosen them so that the new plants can freely grow new roots.

Tend to your Garden - Planting is the fun part, but herbs won't thrive without regular care over the first few months of their lives. Watering is the key, especially with small plants. Water daily for the first month, always in the morning. Every other day for the second month and twice weekly for the third month. Thereafter, an herb garden will be happy with two good soakings each week.

Watch for Pests - Fortunately herbs are pretty good at keeping pests away, but on a regular basis, scout your garden. I love to do it in the mornings with a steaming cup of strong coffee. It is rewarding to see how your garden is doing and to make sure that there isn't anything that will cause it problems. I usually give the garden an all-over look and then go back and look more closely for signs of insect or disease. If I do find anything, I'll treat that same evening with Neem Oil.

Harvest and Enjoy - Once you've gotten your herb plants to a good size, grab your favorite recipes, harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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