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October 22, 2010   

What beautiful weather we've had lately. Warm, sunny afternoons and cool evenings and mornings that are just the right temperatures to make it enjoyable to get outside, tend the vegetable garden (just like Kim and her niece Sawyer are doing) and enjoy being out of the house. It's a great time for fall decorating with gourds and pumpkins and the cool season flowers like petunias and geraniums are starting to arrive. Fall is for Fun in the Garden!

Happy Gardening,
Kim, Joey and Mark

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Scent from Above: Sweet Smells for your Garden

There is nothing more refreshing then sitting on your porch or patio and being overcome with the sweet smell of blooming flowers. There are lots of cool options that you can use in your garden to make it scent-sational.


Almond Bush - A hardy shrub that is relatively new on the scene, the almond bush boasts long spires of white flowers that release their fragrance into every breeze. The almond bush can make a beautiful centerpiece, holding its own at six to ten feet tall. Every guest at your house will want to know what smells so wonderful!



Gardenia - A tried and true plant for amazing springtime scent. The gardenia flowers are great to snip and bring indoors to enjoy while you work around the house. Gardenias can also be done in pots on porches or patios to add fragrance where it will be noticed the most.



Tea Olive - Growing into a large hedge, the tea olive's flowers are sweet and fragrant, but even better, they bloom in late fall to winter, when many other plants are not in bloom. Skip the typical viburnum or ligustrum and opt for this delightful shrub if you need a privacy hedge. It's sweet smell might make the neighbors forget you were trying to block them out.



Banana Shrub - If you love sweets, then this shrub might give you your fix. The small yellow flowers emit a delightful fragrance that smells just like a banana candy! This plant makes a wonderful large hedge, or can even be shaped into a small tree. It is also cold hardy, so you won't have to worry about covering in the winter.


Of course, there are so many other plants that can add great fragrance to your garden. Citrus trees will make your entire yard smell sweet in the springtime, and the classic tea rose is hard to beat. If you want night fragrance, consider the night-blooming jasmine. It's scent can be enjoyed from 20 feet away when the flowers open just as the sun starts to set. With so many options how will you make Scents out of all of them?

Upcoming Events


Pumpkin Patch

October - Now Open!

It's Kerby's second annual pumpkin patch, complete with prizewinners, wartys, and all sorts of fun and wacky gourds. Bring the whole family out, enjoy a stroll on the boardwalk and pick out this season's pumpkin.



Fall Container Gardening

Demonstration: Saturday, November 6th @ 10am

Creating a beautiful container garden is easy and is a simple way to decorate any doorway, porch or patio. At this demonstration our container expert will show you how to create beautiful arrangements that will make everyone who visits your home smile.




Protect your Plants

Workshop: Saturday, November 20th @ 10am

Current predictions are for a slightly drier and milder winter this year. That would be welcome after last year's record-breaking cold. But even in normal years, we experience a few days of frost and freeze. To learn the best way to prepare and protect your plants from cold temperatures, come out to this workshop. We'll show you how to properly cover plants and share other tips that you can use to protect all of your hard work.



Happy Holly-days

Winter Open House:
The Evening of December 3rd

Check your inboxes for a special invitation to this event. We'll have the nursery lit for the "holly"-day season, and hopefully this year we won't have too much Florida snow (rain!)


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