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October 17, 2019
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Bokor Toes
by Joey Bokor

Exercising her pedi-dexterity.
You try to teach your kids to have good manners. You know, say 'Please' and 'Thank You', wait your turn, share with others, and hold things carefully in your hands. We have failed miserably. Well, not on most things, Abby and Maddy are pretty polite generally, but apparently holding things in their hands is just one too many to ask.

I shouldn't be surprised. There is this phenomenon in our family that we call Bokor Toes. Many Bokors possess the extraordinary ability to pick things up with their toes. Not sure if it's the unusually large big toe or the elongated second toe, but whatever it is, you will often find us picking things up off the floor with our toes. I still remember one time when I was visiting my brother out in Washington and we went out to dinner. A salt shaker fell off the table and rolled under the seats. Kim ducked under to try to find it and what appeared instead from under the table was the salt shaker grasped with ease between by brother's toes. (Needless to say, we didn't salt anymore of our food . . .)

The other night, Maddy and I were playing a game that involved a few categories of cards. And for some reason she decided that she needed to hold the cards with her toes. She had to use both feet for this particular game, and it became quite the balancing act as the number of cards she had grew. I will say that it did slow the pace of the game a little, but why not add a little extra challenge to your life. I think we'll try to leave it to games and keep it away from the dinner table.

When we aren't playing card games with our feet, we are on our feet and busy getting into the fall season. The weather forecast keeps promising a cool down. I'll believe it when I feel it and anyways, we aren't going to let a little warm weather stop us. Over the past week, we've redecorated our front porch for the season and below are some tips for making fall happen in Florida. To see our front porch happenings from Abby's perspective, click here.

And with this gorgeous gardening weather around, it is also a great time to get fruit trees planted in your backyard orchard. This Saturday at 10am, join us for the Growing Fruit Trees Seminar. I'll talk about growing all types of fruit trees in Florida from peaches to mangos and everything in between. We'll discuss winter care for your favorite tropicals as well. Fall is definitely for Fun in the Garden.
Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Garden Tip
Updating your Front Porch for Fall
Front porch before and after.

We are entering that festive time of year when friends and family gather to celebrate the holidays. That makes this the perfect time to freshen up your front porch pots and fill them with some of Florida's favorite fall colors and textures. Here are some tips and tricks to help get you started on your own front porch makeover.

1) Time for Fall Cleaning - Cleaning isn't just something we do in the spring. Get out the broom and some damp washcloths so you can give your whole front porch and door a wipe down and a brush off. Don't forget to shine up any windows and glass you may have around your porch lights

2) Take Inventory - Before you run out to the garden center and load up on new pots and plants, take a close look at what you already have. Of course you'll want to pull out any tired annuals or overgrown plants, but then take a look at what you have left. Sometimes rearranging your existing pots or replanting a favorite plant can make them feel new again.
A cart full of fall fun.

3) Find Inspiration - Magazines, pinterest and of course Kerby's are great places to find fall inspiration. See what color schemes excite you and come up with a color palette. Try not to get too specific on plant varieties. There are a lot of plants out there, but not all of them will do well in our area.

4) Time to Shop - Head to the garden center with your ideas in mind and maybe a few photos on your phone to remind you of the area and items you are working with. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you're looking for a certain color of flower or leaf. We can advise you on what might work best for your unique area and light conditions. Mix and match plant combinations in your cart until you feel you've reached the look you want. Don't forget to include different colors and textures. You can always add an obelisk, small statue or trellis to add interest and height.

Let's get ready to plant.
If you need a simple combo strategy to get you started, our formula for container gardening has always been to include a Thriller (your focal point), a Filler (a leafy plant to fill in the gaps) and a Spiller (something cascading over the side of the pot).

5) Get Your Hands Dirty - Once you've collected your plants and décor, it's time to have some real fun. Set all of your things out and get to work putting together your masterpiece. It's usually easier to tackle the larger pots first, since these will make the most impact. Once your large containers are planted in place, you can begin filling in around them with smaller containers of plants and decorations.

6) Enjoy the View - It feels so good to sit back and look at what you've accomplished, so enjoy it. Have a front porch makeover you want to share with us? We'd love to see it on Instagram. And now, with all that work done , you can sit back and enjoy fall in Florida.
Happy Fall Y'all

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