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October 15, 2020
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Not So Spontaneous
by Joey Bokor

Kim and I aren't all that spontaneous. We are planners. We make a plan, and a backup plan. Then we also usually have backups for the backup plans. Then we lay awake at night, thinking about what could go wrong with any of the plans, pondering the potential for more plans.

But this week, we were a little spontaneous. You guys have been loving our pumpkin patch and the new pumpkin house. And we love seeing you make fall happen through all of the gourd-geous pictures you've been sharing on Instagram and Facebook. With cooler weather in the forecast for the coming weekend, we wanted to keep it going, so on a whim we headed to Georgia for a pumpkin restock. We quickly made a reservation with the grandparents for the girls to have a sleepover, gassed up the truck and we were ready to go.

And we are so glad we did. We usually get one batch of pumpkins each season at the end of September. Because pumpkins are produce, they follow Mother Nature's schedule, not ours, so when we only get one order, we get the pumpkins that were harvested that week. Since this is about two weeks later than our usual pumpkin pick-up, we got our hands on some pumpkins that we haven't seen before in over 10 years of procuring pumpkins. Below are some pics of the new arrivals. Aren't they cool? There are Mellow Yellows, Grizzly Bears, White Delights, Little Giant Pie Pumpkins, Speckled Hounds and, of course, more Warty Goblins. We'll have them all unpacked and out in the patch for this upcoming weekend.

Although we had a good trip, it wasn't without incident. On the way back, around Gainesville, we had a tire blow-out (probably because we packed our little-truck-that-could to the gills). But the planners in us knew just what to do. In about ninety minutes we were back on the road and headed home. Thankfully, Kim packed an extra bag of candy corns to get us through the day. Who's spontaneous now.
Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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