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October 15, 2015   

Apple "picking" in North Georgia.
Where does food come from? Such a simple question. But one that not everyone can answer. With so much of our food harvested and prepared for us, it is easy for kids (and adults) to not know what actually goes into getting food on the table. The great thing is there are so many opportunities for teaching kids where veggies and fruits come from. Sometimes they are right in your backyard, in the veggie garden or with a few fruit trees. And sometimes you can head straight to the farm for a little fun. This past weekend, Abby and Maddy got a lesson in harvesting apples at Mercier Orchards in North Georgia with Nana and Papa Kerby. They got to see an orchard full of different varieties of apple trees, and pick (and eat) fresh apples right off the tree. Abby learned how to find the ripest, sweetest apples on the tree, and Maddy, well, learned that she liked to taste test every apple. Seeing the apples on the tree and picking them will hopefully reinforce the idea that food actually does grow on trees.

Find autumn inspiration at Kerby's.
The other cool thing about North Georgia at this time of the year is the way so many people decorate their homes for fall. Kim and I took a little side trip to Nashville and between North Georgia and Tennessee, so many porches were decorated with container gardens filled with fall mums, scarecrows, pumpkins and straw. They definitely go all out for autumn up here. If your front porch is in need of a little extra autumn flair, come out this Saturday for the Fall Porch Pots workshop. Jo will teach you how to pick a beautiful combination of flowers and how to get it perfectly planted to grow and bloom throughout the fall season. Come on Florida, even if the temperatures don't always feel like fall, our homes and gardens can. 

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Fall Porch Pots

Featured Plant

Upcoming Events
Saturday 10/17 at 10am
Fall Porch Pots

New Shipment of Camellias
3 Gallon - $29.99


All Glazed Pottery
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Featured Plant
6" Pot

Pelargonium x
Red, white, violet and pink. Geraniums come in an array of gorgeous colors. They are great for brightening up your landscape through the cool season, and if you find a nice well-drained spot, geraniums can even be last all year long. They also add bold color to fall porch pots or hanging planters.


Fall Container Gardening
An easy way to make a dramatic statement in your landscape is to add a beautiful container garden. All you need is a stylish pot and colorful plants to give your porch or patio some extra zing and really welcome guests into your home this season.

The easiest way to think about container gardening is in three parts: thriller, filler and spiller.
First, you want a Thriller. This is the focal piece for the container garden and it is usually a taller plant. A colorful croton, or a wispy grass makes a great centerpiece.
Second, select the Fillers. These are plants or flowers that take up the middle height of the container and make the garden full. Try an assortment of winter annuals for beautiful, seasonal color.
Lastly, choose a spiller. This is a plant or plants that cascade down the front or sides of your container and add an extra dimension. Some of our favorite spillers are wire vine or creeping jenny.
To plant the garden, start by filling your container two-thirds full with Kerby's Planting Soil. Now arrange the plants on top of the soil until they look just right. Fill in the spaces between plants with soil and add 14-14-14 control-release fertilizer. Make sure that you remove any air pockets by pressing down on the soil. Water in well.

Container gardens have endless possibilities. Create simple, easy themed gardens by choosing plants of the same color or with a particular theme. Why not create a pizza garden, with bright red geraniums, oregano, basil and a tomato plant or a Jurassic garden with ferns, ivy and torenias. Let your imagination go wild, but always try to contain yourself!



Upcoming Events


Workshop: Fall Porch Pots
Saturday, October 17th at 10:00 am

Make your home really stand out this fall season with lovely pots and beautiful plants. This workshop will teach you all about thrillers, fillers and spillers, and show you some of our tricks for creating beautiful porch pots. And with our new collection of antique style baskets, and huge pottery department, you are sure to find something to make your fall fabulous.



Kerby's Pumpkin Patch

Back by popular demand, the Kerby's Pumpkin Patch will open up the first weekend in October with cool pumpkins and gourds to decorate your porches and entryways for the fall season. Plus there will be a cool area for taking fall pictures with the kids. Come out throughout the month of October to enjoy the beauty of fall.



Workshop: Herb Gardening

Saturday, October 24th at 10:00 am

Come out and see how delicious gardening can be. We'll talk about growing herbs, how to use them and share some recipes. Yummy.



Halloween Fun!
Saturday, October 31st

The staff is really excited about wearing their costumes this year! Come out for a little trick-o-treat for the kids and to enjoy the beauty of fall in Florida.


Winter Open House
Friday, December 4th from 5pm to 7pm
Please R.S.V.P. if attending

As the holidays approach there is nothing like taking a little time out for friends, family, and flowers. Come share an evening under the lights with Kerby's Nursery. The shade house will be decorated with all the beautiful flowers of Christmas and Kim is making her famous ginger snaps. It will be a delightful evening to forget your daily stress and just relax.



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