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October 12, 2017   
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The remains of a B24 Liberator from World War II.

On our recent trip to Vermont, Kim and I decided to climb a mountain. At first I wanted to climb Mt. Washington because it's the highest mountain in the Northeast. (So why wouldn't you climb it, right?) Then I realized it was a three hour drive away, with a 12 mile hike and although I thought we could handle the hike I knew there was no way I was going to drive three hours with my legs feeling like jelly after coming down the mountain. So we settled for Vermont's third highest mountain - Camel's Hump. It was a gorgeous climb, through ever-thinning trees, until we finally broke out above the tree line, scrambled a few hundred feet up some boulders to stand at the top. You could see for miles and miles around. It was gorgeous, with a lot of sweat and a great feeling of accomplishment. And that wasn't the cool part. Along the way, we took a secondary trail that went past the remains (an upsidedown wing) of an old B-24 Liberator fighter jet from World War II. It was eerie to see it on the mountainside with trees just growing through it.
My grandfather, circa 1943.

So here we were next to some wreckage in the mountains, and then I remembered a story my grandfather told me about bailing out of a B-17 over Idaho. I started doing some research and sure enough, I can find the records indicating that he bailed out of a plane over Idaho between Salmon and Leadore. What I can't find is any information about whether that wreckage was ever found. In this case, my grandfather and his crew were able to bail out and parachute to safety (they abandoned the plane because the instruments were out and they couldn't see anything), so I'm sure they told the authorities where their last known location was. But I wonder if the plane was ever really found. So I'm making plans to round up my brother and head out to Idaho one day and see if we can't track down that old wreckage. Who knows what we would actually find!

But since I can't head off on a needle-in-the-haystack search just yet, I'll settle for building a fire pit and hanging the swing that the girls have been bugging me for. The weather is getting nicer after all, and fall is the time for Fun in the Garden. So get outside, plant some flowers, decorate your porches and make a little Fall happen in Florida.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Crotons make fall happen!
Featured Plant
Petra Croton

Sometimes in Florida, we have to make fall happen ourselves. There is no leaf color and unfortunately not the same drop in temperatures that our friends up north enjoy. But the great news is that we get to get out in our gardens while they are packing up their gloves and clippers! When you need to make fall happen in your garden, you can't go wrong with crotons. The Petra variety is pictured here, but their are plenty of other varieties that add color, texture and a little bit of fall wherever you need it.
Yield Booster - RTU
32oz. - $9.99
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Yield Booster

As your tomatoes get growing this season, make sure that you are ready for problems that might occur. One common problem you'll see is called Blossom-End Rot. It shows up as a rotten black circle on the blossom-end of the tomato. Blossom-end Rot is caused by a calcium deficiency in the plant, and the Yield-Booster ready-to-use spray is a calcium spray that delivers the nutrient right into the plant for fast results. It's not going to cure tomatoes that already have rotten blossom ends, but it will prevent the problem from occuring again, and keep your future tomatoes growing big and strong.
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Onion Sets Are In

Red, White and SuperSweet
1 lb. - $3.99
Let's Make Fall Happen

Pumpkins are In

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Corinthian Bells Windchimes

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