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October 11, 2018   
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Maddy reading stories to  Legacy.

I'll admit I'm a bit of a bookworm. Always have been. When I was little, I checked out the book Look Out For Pirates! so many times that the librarian at our local library told me I could just keep it. And even today, every shelf, desk and nightstand in my house and office is covered with books of one sort or another. I'm pretty sure that bookworm gene was passed on to Abby and Maddy. They love books so much that they just created their own book club. It meets at 6:30 in the morning (you remember the newsletter about them getting up early, right). They started with Charlotte's Web and I think right now are working on James and the Giant Peach. Since reading is great for imaginations, I think we'll let them keep meeting, even if it is a little early in the morning.

What I didn't realize is that apparently, dogs love reading too! At the New Tampa Library, each week they host what is called a 'Sit, Stay, Read' where a service dog comes in and kids can sign up to read to them. My mom signed Maddy up and she read not one, but three different books to Legacy. He really enjoyed it
Come out and take a fall family photo.
and by the end of the third story, he was into a pretty good nap! And that's what is great about a good book. Whether you read it or someone else reads it too you, it can help you relax, take a break and escape what's going on, at least for a little while. A little like gardening, I guess!

But there is no escaping all the fall fun going on at the nursery. The pumpkin patch is open under the white canopy and there is a great place to take family pictures surrounded by the coolest pumpkins and gourds in town. Come on out, take a great fall photo and pick out something unique to make fall happen at your home. We still have plenty of veggies in stock and you still have a few weeks to get this season's veggie gardens planted. Let's hope this is the last of our tropical weather and let's all wish for the first cool front of the season soon. I think we deserve it.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Understand what's in fertilizer and your thumb will start turning green.
Garden Tip
Up, Down, All Around

As we leave the heat of summer behind and move into a fantastic fall season, it is a great time to fertilize plants to keep them growing and thriving. Fall fertilizing helps develop strong roots and gets plants ready for their big spring show. But, when you fertilize, what do all of those numbers mean? Glad you asked, check out below for an easy way to remember what the major three numbers on a fertilizer label mean. Then you'll be certain to select the right product for your job. Still have questions? Don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help you succeed in your garden.

- This corresponds to the first number in a fertilizer analysis which indicates the amount of nitrogen. UP means that it helps a plant grow branches, leaves and stems - the stuff that is UP, above ground. Fertilizers high in nitrogen will promote a lot of new green growth on plants.
DOWN - The second number in a fertilizer analysis is the amount of phosphorus. Phosphorus is responsible for a few different things within a plant, but its most important roles are helping a plant transfer energy and developing a strong root system, so it helps with the parts that are DOWN or underground.
ALL AROUND - Sometimes called the Quality Nutrient, potassium is an all-around mineral that contributes to a plants ability to take in energy, use water (and thus resist drought) and it also affects the shape, size, color and taste of fruits. Plants without potassium are sad plants indeed!
Of Course There's More - Up, Down, All-Around is a simple way to understand the way nutrients help plants and for most of us it is all we need to make sure our plants are getting the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. That's why we keep it simple at Kerby's with our Kerby's Special 8-4-8 fertilizer. One fertilizer for all of your plants; Major nutrients in a custom balance for our area as well as 13 of the key micronutrients to make all of your plants healthy and happy.
Make Fall Happen
Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon

Beautiful flowers on an upright plant.
10" Pot - $29.99
Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

The coolest pumpkins and gourds in town.
Hot Topic Celosia

Gorgeous, Unique Color
6" Pot - $7.99

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