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October 8, 2015   

What is your favorite color in the garden? Ours is dirt!
Color. When you were a kid it was simple, right. The box of crayons had 12 or maybe 24 colors. And they didn't have fancy names. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. My girls' box of crayons has amazing colors now, and they all have fun, catchy names. Or just walk into a paint store. You'll find a wall full of colors, shades and hues with catchy names like Daisy and Forceful Orange (be careful, that one looks more like mac'n'cheese than orange). We have so many options to color and paint our world. And it is the same in the garden. No matter what your favorite flower or season is, you'll be able to find your color for the garden. Of course, if you're like us, you love all colors, but your favorite color is dirt. Why? Because it's the color of being outside, of getting your hands dirty (or like Abby planting tomatoes, your face dirty!) It's the color of growing, of harvests and of fun in the garden. So come on. The weather is amazing and there won't be a better time to get outside and color your garden.

Cool pumpkins and gourds to decorate
your front porch for fall.
Speaking of color, you've got to see the cool pumpkins and gourds we brought back from the Atlanta Farmer's Market. Prizewinners that are almost 100lbs, giant white pumpkins called Polar Bears, Cronus Big Stems for this year's jack-o-lantern and plenty of smaller, colorful pumpkins to get your front porch ready for fall. Oh and we have corn stalk bundles and pine straw, too. At Kerby's we are doing our best to bring a little fall to Florida.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Stop and Smell the Roses

Featured Plant

Upcoming Events

New Shipment of Fortuniana-Grafted Roses
3 Gallon - $29.99


Onion Sets are In

Red, Yellow, White and SuperSweet

Featured Plant
Starshine Pagoda Flower
8" Pot

Starshine Pagoda Flower
Clerodendrum paniculata
Fall color, big bunches of flowers, and nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds make the part-shade loving pagoda flower this week's featured plant. The beautiful reds and oranges are a magnet for butterflies and it lets them get out of the sun a little bit. The starshine variety of the pagoda flower stays a little smaller than its wild cousin, and can be managed around 3 to 5 feet tall.


Stop and Smell the Roses

Everyone always asks about the different types of roses, so below is a little information about the common types: Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora, Floribunda and Climber. There are great roses in every category. What's your favorite?


Hybrid Tea - The roses that everyone wants because they produce long stems with a single large rose at the end. These are the roses that are great for cutting and making beautiful bouquets. They get their name Hybrid Tea, because they are cultivated hybrids of old fashioned tea roses. Many of these roses also have delightful fragrances, not to mention they come in a rainbow of colors.



Grandiflora - These roses were created in the mid 1900s as crosses between hybrid teas and floribundas. One of the original grandifloras was Queen Elizabeth, introduced in 1954. These roses typically appear in clusters of 3 to 5, but are still large roses like the hybrid teas.



Floribunda - These roses were introduced in 1909 as crosses of the hybrid tea roses with the profuse blooming polyantha roses. Floribundas maintain characteristics of both. The bushes tend to grow in shrub forms and bear large clusters of flowers. The flowers though have hybrid tea qualities, and are large, colorful and fragrant.

Climbers- Roses that grow in long branches that are softer than their shrubby counterparts are called climbing roses. They are great for climbing up trellises or arbors or for framing doors and windows. Climbers typically grow from 8' to 20' tall. The large red flowers and the relatively easy nature of the Don Juan rose make it a favorite climber for this area.



And so many more - There are many other types of roses. From the easy care Knockout roses (pictured) to rose trees that add great color and height to a landscape, there is bound to be a rose that catches your eye and that deserves a place in your garden.


Check out Kerby's rose instructions for some basics on growing roses in Florida.

Upcoming Events


Kerby's Pumpkin Patch

Back by popular demand, the Kerby's Pumpkin Patch will open up the first weekend in October with cool pumpkins and gourds to decorate your porches and entryways for the fall season. Plus there will be a cool area for taking fall pictures with the kids. Come out throughout the month of October to enjoy the beauty of fall.





Workshop: Fall Porch Pots
Saturday, October 17th at 10:00 am

Make your home really stand out this fall season with lovely pots and beautiful plants. This workshop will teach you all about thrillers, fillers and spillers, and show you some of our tricks for creating beautiful porch pots. And with our new collection of antique style baskets, and huge pottery department, you are sure to find something to make your fall fabulous.




Workshop: Herb Gardening

Saturday, October 24th at 10:00 am

Come out and see how delicious gardening can be. We'll talk about growing herbs, how to use them and share some recipes. Yummy.



Halloween Fun!
Saturday, October 31st

The staff is really excited about wearing their costumes this year! Come out for a little trick-o-treat for the kids and to enjoy the beauty of fall in Florida.




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