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October 7, 2010   

Finally, Fall is here and we can actually feel a difference. The cooler autumn season is one of our favorite times of year, and to celebrate, Kim and Joey headed to the Georgia State Farmer's Market to pick out pumpkins and gourds for Kerby's 2nd annual pumpkin patch. We brought back fairytales, jardales, little wartys, peanuts and prizewinners. All sorts of cool pumpkins that can really make your fall decorating fun. Come out and stroll the pumpkin patch and pick out this year's pumpkin.

And don't miss this Saturday's workshop on Edible Landscaping. It will tantalize your taste buds, and so will this month's sale on fruit trees.

Happy Gardening,
Kim, Joey and Mark

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Get in the Garden: What to do this Fall

Decorate - We may not get the amazing leaf color change that our northern friends receive, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy fall just as much. Beautiful mums, crotons and fountain grass create lovely fall decorations, especially when mixed in with unique pumpkins and gourds. Whether you need a table centerpiece or want to jazz up your doorway, you can get in on the fall action. See our pumpkin patch page for some inspiration.


Plant Cool Season Veggies - A drop in temperature tells us that it is time to plant cool season vegetables. These include collard, mustard and turnip greens, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel's sprouts, cabbage, lettuce and spinach. There are even some herbs that really like the cooler temperatures, including cilantro, parsley, oregano and rosemary. See our Fall Veggie handout for more information about getting this season's garden going.


Fertilize - Now is a great time to fertilize all of your flowers, plants, trees and lawns to get them out of their summer funk. We use our Kerby's 8-4-8 fertilizer because it is well-balanced and contains all the minor nutrients plants need to grow strong and healthy.  Check out the instructions for using our special blend. One fertilizer really can do it all.


Prune Roses - If you have a rose garden, it's probably looking a little ragged after this hot summer. It's time to prune and fertilize all of your roses (including Knockouts) to encourage a burst of new growth in the fall. While it is drier at this time of year, continue monthly sprays of fungicide and insecticide to keep roses in peak health. 



Remove Summer Annuals - Vincas, begonias and marigolds have done their work giving us lots of color this summer, but as they become tall and leggy, it's time to pull them out and make ways for petunias, pansies, geraniums and all the fun cool-season annuals that will brighten our gardens throughout the winter. Prune other perennial flowers and fertilize to encourage more blooming this fall.


Don't forget to enjoy! This cool weather is the best time to get outdoors and just enjoy the colors, the sounds of the birds and our growing vegetable gardens. Grab your favorite warm drink and take a morning stroll. It will make everyday a great day!

Upcoming Events


The Edible Landscape: Fruit Trees

Workshop: Saturday, October 9th @ 10am

Mulberries, mangos and lychees. Mmmm. With so many tantalizing fruits, how do you pick the right one for your yard? At this workshop we'll talk about using fruits in landscaping, protecting fruits from cold weather and after the workshop we'll have a sampling of some of the tastiest fruits.


Pumpkin Patch

October - Now Open!

It's Kerby's second annual pumpkin patch, complete with prizewinners, cinderellas, and all sorts of fun and wacky gourds. Bring the whole family out, enjoy a stroll on the boardwalk and pick out this season's pumpkin.





Fall Container Gardening

Demonstration: Saturday, November 6th @ 10am

Creating a beautiful container garden is easy and is a simple way to decorate any doorway, porch or patio. At this demonstration our container expert will demonstrate how to create beautiful arrangements that will make everyone who visits your home smile.




Happy Holly-days

Winter Open House: The Evening of December 3rd

Check your inboxes for a special invitation to this event. We'll have the nursery lit for the "holly"-day season, and hopefully this year we won't have too much Florida snow (rain!)


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