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October 5, 2017   
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Our first egg!

It finally happened! We've been waiting and watching, cleaning and feeding and we finally got our first chicken egg! I went out to check on the coop after lunch, because the chickens had been showing signs that they were about to lay and I saw Rainbow (our plymouth rock) coming out of the nesting boxes. I opened the door to the boxes and sure enough, there was a perfect little brown egg. I went back inside and let the girls discover it on their own and they were super-excited. We can't quite decide how we're going to cook the first one, but after six months it was egg-citing to finally see all of our work and care pay off. Now we'll have to get creative with our egg recipes, because I'm sure that we'll have more eggs than we know what to do with before too long.
Herbs - Fresh, Healthy and Homegrown

Speaking of recipes. We know that one of the best ways to create fresh flavors and a little variety in all of our recipes is to use fresh herbs, right from our garden. If you've been thinking about an herb garden but aren't sure where to start, come out this Saturday at 10am for the Herb Gardening Workshop. You'll learn our best tips and tricks for growing fresh and healthy herbs and we'll talk about the ways we use the herbs that grow in our area. It's a great time to get an herb garden started, as the humidity begins to lower a little and the temperatures begin to decrease ever so slightly. Plant now and you'll have plenty to harvest when holiday cooking time arrives.Which at the rate this year is flying by will be here before we know it.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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6" Pot - $7.99
Featured Plant

When the humidity begins to subside in the fall, it's time to start planting lavender again. The foliage has a lovely fragrance that can be used in potpourri and sachets, and the flowers are bright and colorful in your garden. Plus the oils in lavender supposedly act as an insect repellant.
FoxFarm - Grow Big
32oz. - $29.99
Featured Product
FoxFarm - Grow Big

Since an herb garden needs to have good vegetative growth, this fertilizer is the best way to deliver natural nutrients and keep your plants growing new, fresh leaves. Formulated with great ingredients like earthworm castings and kelp, Grow Big delivers all of the major nutrients, plus important trace elements to keep your garden Growing Big.
Pruning keeps plants well behaved.

Garden Tip
Pruning - It's Not as Scary as you Think

With a reprieve from the extreme heat of summer, it is time to start getting your gardens back into shape. One question we always get is about pruning. When to do it, how much to prune, etc. And most people are a little afraid of pruning. But you don't have to be. The slightly lower temperatures make it a great time to do some pruning on most of the shrubs and plants in your landscape. Since we won't get cold anytime soon, they'll put out a little flush of growth in the fall and be in great shape for the quickly-approaching holiday season. If you have a lot of cold sensitive tropicals, go ahead and do light pruning, but nothing to severe, that's better saved for the spring. If you have azaleas that need to be pruned, do it soon, because they will start setting their blooms for next spring. In the end you just have to go for it. Plants that are pruned grow into well-shaped plant that typically bloom a little better than plants that are just left to grow on their own. So get your garden back into shape and don't be afraid of a little pruning.
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Onion Sets Are In

Red, White and SuperSweet
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Let's Make Fall Happen

Pumpkins are In

New Shipment of Roses

Brighten someone's day with a gorgeous rosebush.

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