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November 21, 2018   
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The Thankful Gardener

Enjoy what you have this Thanksgiving.

I wish Thanksgiving had its own season. In August, candy corns and costumes make their appearance and then before we've even reached Halloween, everywhere you look are Christmas trees and Santa Claus. It's easy to overlook a holiday that has nothing to do with presents and candy and stuff. But I will say that this Thanksgiving season (that's what I'm going to start calling November), I've actually noticed a lot more mention about being thankful. It's been in the form of social media posts, newsletters and articles that I've read. And it is heartening to see them. It's so easy to get focused on Halloween or Christmas goodies, and to lose sight of what is really important in life. One of the weekly marketing e-newsletters that I read had this quote in it: 'Happiness is not about getting what we want. It is about appreciating what we have.' I think that is what the true spirit of Thanksgiving is. And it isn't a holiday that we should only think about once a year. It is how we should all approach each day of our lives.  That is a powerful and challenging thought: to live each day thankful for what we have, rather than worrying about what we don't.

So in that spirit of thankfulness, we want to say a special Thank You to you. Thank you for letting Kerby's be a part of your lives. Thank you for letting us share our love of plants with you. Thank you for reading this newsletter, and thank you for the times you've told your friends and family about us. We wouldn't exist today without you wanting to have a little fun in your garden.

Happy Thanksgiving,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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The Thankful Gardener

What makes you thankful in the garden? There really are so many things. We work in the garden, we tend the soil, pull the weeds, water the plants, but really, there is an awful lot that happens in the garden that is beyond our control. Below is our list of things we are thankful for as gardeners.

The Sun - Without the sun, things just wouldn't grow. The sun rises and sets predictably each day, bringing bright light to our plants and allowing veggies and flowers to flourish. By summer, we may be tired of its heat, but without it a garden just wouldn't be possible.

The Rain - As with the sun, without rain plants would struggle. We try our best to water our plants, but without help from the rain, it would be overwhelming. Plus there is something in the rain that just seems to make plants grow.

Great Harvests - Add sweat, sun and rain together, you end up with wonderful harvests from fruit trees as well as veggie and herb gardens. This week we harvested more mustards, kale and a few tomatoes. It really is a miracle that with a little sun and rain, small plants grow into large plants and produce something that we can eat, full of great nutrients and vitamins. Definitely something to be thankful for.

Bugs - Okay, sometimes bugs are a pain, but we wouldn't have food without bees, and what would the world be without beautiful butterflies fluttering around our gardens.

Relaxation - You can garden to put food on the table and you can garden to create a beautiful landscape, but most of us probably garden because we love doing something. Getting our hands dirty and making something beautiful out of a patch of dirt and weeds. This time in the dirt is great for unwinding from the stress of everyday life and for refreshing the soul. So whatever your purpose in gardening, there is so much to be thankful for.

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