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November 16, 2017   
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Important conversations happen in the garden.

I'm sure that you remember the old story The Elves and the Shoemaker. A shoemaker is down to his last bit of gold, and he buys enough leather with it to make one last pair of shoes. He starts making the shoes, but gets tired and lays down his tools and heads to bed for the night. When he wakes up in the morning, and pair of shoes, fancier than anything he has ever seen is on his table, and he has no idea how they got there. A rich merchant comes into his shop and offers him an exorbitant sum for these new shoes. So the shoemaker buys more leather, leaves it out, and more shoes appears. He sells those and pretty soon his business is thriving again. It isn't until a while later that he discovers that elves are making shoes out of the leather each night. It's a magical fairy tale, and I'm only recalling it because of a garden conversation with Abby the other day. We were sitting at a table out in our garden, discussing the fact that we need to plant our apple trees (they've been sitting in pots in the yard for about 4 months.) I told her where I thought they should go and I was also telling her what else I hoped to do in the backyard: clear a back fence to extend the fruit forest, plant a stand of bananas in the corner and create a pineapple patch in a shady area. Abby's response was: Wouldn't it be nice if there was, like, a garden elf who did all the work while you were sleeping, so that when you woke up in the morning it would be all done? I told her that would definitely be pretty amazing.

But, I told her, we would miss out on all of the work and the great feeling that goes along with doing something with our own hands. So we agreed that maybe an elf could do some of the stuff just to help us out. Like maybe we could let the elf do the not-so-fun stuff like turning the soil, pulling weeds and tearing out old plants. And then we could focus on the things we really love to do, planting new trees, refreshing flower beds, dead-heading and pruning. Too bad it doesn't work that way. I guess we'll just have to keep at it the old-fashioned way.

Speaking of working in the garden, Kerby's is hiring! So if you or someone you know loves to garden, loves flowers and is enthusiastic and energetic, then check here for more info about the position available. And be sure that you take advantage of this gorgeous weather to get your gardens ready for the holidays. Unless, of course, you have a garden elf to do it for you.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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The camellia is a classic flowering shrub.
Featured Plant
Camellia sasanqua or Camellia japonica

When camellias are blooming, they are hard to miss,. The earlier blooming sasanqua varieties have just put on their first blossoms (Stephanie Golden is pictured at right) and the later blooming japonicas are loaded with buds. Camellias are a classic southern plant for areas with morning sun and afternoon shade. The sasanqua varieties tend to grow with arching branches and the japonica varieties grow tall and upright. Both varieties prefer an acid soil, which is why they love being under oak trees. Plant one today for gorgeous fall and winter blooms in shady areas of your landscape.
This Pink Perfection Camellia really is perfection isn't it.
Garden Tip
 Growing Camellias

You want your camellias to grow well and bloom as much as possible. Read more here on making them grow their best.
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Fresh herbs make every recipe better.
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The sasanqua camellias are just starting to bloom.

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