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November 7, 2019
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Bye-bye BooBoo
by Joey Bokor

Young BooBoo
We don't always expect that tiny things will have a huge impact. And at less than four pounds, BooBoo the poodle was just about the tiniest dog I've ever known. This week, the Kerby family said goodbye to BooBoo. She had become sick at the ripe old age of 15½ years, and she leaves behind her a great dane sized hole in many people's hearts.

Some of you may remember BooBoo as a regular fixture at Kerby's back in the early 2000s. She would come to work with Vicki each day and had a shelf behind the counter that was all hers. She would sit there and hang out, occasionally barking at customers or staff members that walked by. As the day would go on, she would curl up in a bed on her shelf and take a little afternoon nap. Many people stopped in the nursery just to see BooBoo.

Maddy Snuggling BooBoo
Our girls were especially attached to BooBoo. Although she was middle-aged by the time they were born and not as fond of rough and tumble playing, she was a good sport through dress-up sessions and attempts at fetch. And while both girls were attached to her, Maddy is our animal whisperer. (She recently told us that she was going to be an animal-saver when she grows up.) Over the last few months, she took to carrying BooBoo everywhere around Nana and Papa's house, treating her like a little baby. The picture at left was taken on the day before BooBoo passed away. And we are so glad that Maddy got a chance to have one more snuggle with her. Because, as you might guess, Maddy was crushed when we gave her the news. The words had barely escaped Kim's lips when you could see a sob welling up in her and what followed can only be called an explosion of tears. It was a sad day for both girls as they processed the loss.

So bye-bye BooBoo. We will all miss you and we hope you know that even though you were small you had a huge impact on lots of people's lives.
Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Garden Tip
Caring for Tillandsias (Air Plants)

Tillandsias or Air Plants are easy to take care of. They thrive in a bright patio and are also good for growing indoors. Just follow the tips below and they'll thrive in your home, office, porch or patio.

Watering: Because these are air plants, watering them will be a little different than your typical plant. Tillandsias that are outside in our area will need very little additional watering. The humidity in the air will take care of that! If your tillandsias are indoors, then mist them a few times a week to keep the humidity up, and every one to two weeks, submerge them in water for 2 3 hours. Avoid using softened water, and if your tap water has chlorine, let it sit for 20 30 minutes to allow the chlorine to dissipate. Water tillandsias in the morning, so that by evening they've absorbed the water they need.

Light: Provide tillandsias with bright, filtered light. Most do not like direct sunlight, but they do need some sunlight, so if they are indoors, make sure they are in a bright location. Typical interior lights won't give them the light that they need.

Fertilizer: Use a light fertilizer solution on your tillandsias once per month. Mix the fertilizer with water and use it to mist or to soak the plants.

Blooms: Each tillandsia variety has its own unique bloom. Because tillandsia are in the bromeliad family, each plant will flower once in its lifetime, but will create little pups (new plants) that will bloom again.

Display: Be creative and show off your personal style by displaying your tillandsias in your own unique way. Almost anything that can hold a tillandsia can be used as a container, from concrete pots to metal springs, glass globes to fishing line and everything in between!

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