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November 5, 2015   

A little halloween fun at Kerby's Nursery.

We hope you had a great Halloween. At Kerby's, we had fun in costume on Saturday. Of course on Friday, I forgot momentarily that Saturday was Halloween, and told a customer I'd drop off a few bags of mulch first thing in the morning. So I delivered and unloaded mulch in my pirate costume. It's not every day that a pirate makes deliveries! We had a good time dressing up, and definitely gave some customers a little chuckle. And isn't that why we get outside garden? To have a little fun? At Kerby's we think so and hope you do to.

Budding garden helpers, in 2012.
Of course, time flies when you are having fun. Or another saying you often hear is 'The hours are long, but the years are short.' It's so true isn't it. This week, we are really experiencing this feeling, as cousins Abby and Tally are celebrating their 5th birthdays. Where does the time go. It seems like just yesterday they were not-so-sure-footed little toddlers 'helping' to plant tomatoes. And now they are big enough to plant and water on their own. Amazing! The time really does fly, so get in the garden and do what you love, hopefully with people you love. It's a great season to have some fun in the garden.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Featured Plant
Encore Azaleas
10" Pot

Encore Azaleas
Rhododendron x
An Encore of blooms in your garden will brighten part-shade areas of your landscape each spring, summer and fall. Encore azaleas give more repeat blooms than other varieties of azaleas and like most azaleas, like part sun and acid soil. They are great for bright color under shade trees and they are wonderful in combination with camellias for a formal, southern landscape.


Growing Camellias

For nearly 200 years, camellias have been a fixture in southern gardens. As landscape centerpieces or foundation plantings, they pull a garden together and their blooms bring a bit of cheer during the winter, when their color is warmly received.

Varieties: Camellias come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. From formal pinks to loose, ruffled reds, there is a look and a style for everyone. There are also two main varieties of camellias: sasanquas and japonicas. The sasanqua varieties tend to bloom from late fall to early winter and are usually compact, arching bushes. Some of our favorite sasanquas are  Cotton Candy (a beautiful semi-double pink) and Stephanie Golden (a light pink single). The japonica varieties bloom in winter and early spring, and include many shapes and sizes, including Pink Perfection, a perfectly formed, formal double flower! If you have room for more than one camellia, try planting multiple varieties that bloom at different times for color from October to May.

Plant Characteristics: Camellias are slow growing, eventually reaching six to eight feet tall and four to six feet wide. They need very little pruning, but make sure they have room to grow to their full potential. If pruning is needed, do it in early fall before blooms start to set.

Location: Camellias thrive best in part shade, and in an area that has good air circulation. Four hours of morning sun is ideal. Avoid too much afternoon sun, which is intense and hot, and can cause the leaves to burn.

Soil: Camellias love a rich, well-drained acidic soil such as Kerby's Pulverized Pine Soil. The more soil you can turn into the planting hole and surrounding area, the better your camellias will grow. Camellias do not like wet soil, so make sure that the area drains well, even after heavy rains.

Planting: The ideal time to plant camellias is during the fall and winter months, so that their roots can become established before summertime. It's also the time that many are blooming, so you'll get to enjoy some beautiful winter and spring color. For more planting and watering instructions, see Caring for New Plants.

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Winter Open House
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As the holidays approach there is nothing like taking a little time out for friends, family, and flowers. Come share an evening under the lights with Kerby's Nursery. The shade house will be decorated with all the beautiful flowers of Christmas and Kim is making her famous ginger snaps. It will be a delightful evening to forget your daily stress and just relax.



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