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November 4, 2010   

A bit of much needed rain, and the first really cool weekend of the season, what else is a good gardener to do, but get out in the yard! Kim and Joey's veggie garden is already producing lots of arugula and bok choy, and the cabbage and brocolli are looking good. Hopefully all of your gardens are faring as well.

Do you want to make your porch, patio or front door pop this season, then come out to this weekend's Container Gardening demonstration. We'll show you how to plant a great container garden and share some of our favorite themed gardens. Bring some ideas to share and we'll have a great time getting our hands dirty. 

Happy Gardening,
Kim, Joey and Mark

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Creating Container Gardens


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Container Yourself: Creating Portable Gardens

An easy way to make a dramatic statement in your landscape is to add a beautiful container garden. All you need is a stylish pot and colorful plants to give your landscape some extra zing.

The easiest way to think about container gardening is in three parts: thriller, filler and spiller.
First, you want a Thriller. This is the focal piece for the container garden and it is usually a taller plant. A colorful croton, or a wispy grass makes a great centerpiece.
Second, select the Fillers. These are plants or flowers that take up the middle height of the container and make the garden full. Try an assortment of winter annuals for beautiful, seasonal color.
Lastly, choose a spiller. This is a plant or plants that cascade down the front or sides of your container and add an extra dimension. Some of our favorite spillers are wire vine or ivy.
To plant the garden, start by filling your container with a good planting soil about two-thirds full. We use either Kerby's Pulverized Pine Soil or Fafard Complete Planting Mix. Now arrange the plants on top of the soil until they are just right. Fill in the spaces between plants with soil and add a good control-release fertilizer. Make sure that you remove any air pockets by pressing down on the soil. Water in well.

Container gardens have endless possibilities. Create simple, easy themed gardens by choosing plants of the same color or with a particular theme. W
hy not create a pizza garden, with bright red petunias, oregano, basil and a tomato plant or a Jurassic garden with ferns, ivy and impatiens. Let your imagination go wild, but always try to contain yourself!




Upcoming Events

Fall Container Gardening

Demonstration: Saturday, November 6th @ 10am

Creating a beautiful container garden is easy and is a simple way to decorate any doorway, porch or patio. At this demonstration our container expert will demonstrate how to create beautiful arrangements that will make everyone who visits your home smile.





Protect your Plants

Workshop: Saturday, November 20th @ 10am

Current predictions are for a slightly drier and milder winter this year. That would be welcome after last year's record-breaking cold. But even in normal years, we experience a few days of frost and freeze. To learn the best way to prepare and protect your plants from cold temperatures, come out to this workshop. We'll show you how to properly cover plants and share other tips that you can use to protect all of your hard work.





Happy Holly-days

Winter Open House: The Evening of December 3rd

Check your inboxes for a special invitation to this event. We'll have the nursery lit for the "holly"-day season, and hopefully this year we won't have too much Florida snow (rain!)



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