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May 30, 2019   
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Fresh roasted coffee at Mozart's Coffee


I have stared evil in the eye. Actually it was just a bird. But it was way scary. On our last day in Austin, Kim and I spent an afternoon decompressing at Mozart's Coffee. If you ever get to Austin and you love coffee, go there. They roast their own coffee on site, and we happened to be there on a roasting day. The smell was intoxicating. Fresh smoke from roasting beans wafted across the deck and, well it was delightful. (Can you tell that we love coffee?) I had a double espresso and the flavor was rich, delicious and better than most coffee I've ever had. Plus, the shop had a huge outdoor deck overlooking Lake Austin. The perfect place to sip an espresso and relax a little before heading home.

Being outside, there were birds. Some cute little ones begging for a snack, some larger ones flying to and fro, looking for nesting materials and then, there was evil incarnate. That's what I've named him. Maybe to make it sound less scary I should just call him George (sorry if your name is George, I'm sure you aren't scary at all). So anyhow George was a big raven or crow and he was sitting on a branch not too far from our table. A little bird comes hopping along and all of the sudden we hear this bone-chilling screech, kind of like when Jim Carrey makes the most annoying sound in the world in Dumb and Dumber, except not funny. So of course we look over, kind of frightened and George has puffed up his feathers and is looking at us like some sort of spawn of Satan, evil and menacing and he's got one foot stomping down on a frightened little bird that hopped near him. Then out of nowhere he starts dancing around like a bird of paradise from BBC's Planet Earth series. Needless to say, the little bird flew away quickly, and more than a few customers at the coffee shop gave George a wide berth. In a few seconds, he had rearranged his feathers and flown off like nothing had happened. Fortunately, no ill omens have
One of the little birds is over my shoulder.
followed us home from Texas. We even found some lucky pennies getting on our flight to Tampa, so I figure that counteracts any bad luck from George.

One of the things we realized while traveling and enjoying the slightly different landscaping in Texas was that so many people that live in Florida aren't from Florida. Kim and I can't say that. We are born and raised in Florida. We were even born at the same hospital, just 5 weeks apart from each other. But we know that you hail from all over the country. We've talked to folks from just about all 50 states and from plenty of different countries. And there is one thing in common. Gardening in Florida is different. Everyone says to us 'I had a beautiful garden in Pennsylvania, but here in Florida I am struggling.' So this Saturday at 10am, we are having our first 'New-to-Florida' Gardening seminar. I'll touch on as many Florida gardening issues as I can think of, and then I'll answer questions for as long as you have them. We'll make you a successful Florida gardener. 

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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The Weekly Special
Little Lime Hydrangeas
2 for $50
10" Pot - Regular Price - $29.99
Offer valid through 6/5/19
Cannot be combined with other offers.

The smaller cousin of the Limelight Hydrangea, these lovely shrubs bloom in early summer with flowers of pale green to white adding beautiful color to part shade areas of your landscape.

Keep Cool this Summer

Garden Tip
Keeping Cool

It is hot outside, and with the heat and the lack of rain, we worry about our plants and our lawns. We don't always worry about ourselves as much as we should. Especially as the summer comes on, make sure you are protecting yourself from the heat and the sun.

1) Drink Water - Plants need water, people need water. It is easy to forget to drink water when you are outside having fun in the garden, but make sure you always have a cup or bottle nearby to keep you hydrated. You'll have more fun in the garden when you feel good.
2) Use Sunscreen and Wear a Big Hat
- No one wants to deal with skin cancer, so use sunscreen and don't forget to reapply. A wide-brimmed hat helps keep the sun off of your face and neck, and keeps you in some self-made shade.
3) Keep your Temperature Down - When you are in the hot sun shoveling dirt, it is easy for your body temperature to get too high quickly. Drinking ice water, having a tasty popsicle or using a cooling cloth are all ways to keep your body temperature down.
4) Jump in the Pool - Now there's a great cool-down - a quick jump in the pool. And since a pool isn't always an option, you can do what I used to do as a kid - turn the hose on, take a big drink and then run it over your head. That will cool you off fast!

Keep yourself cool and protected from the heat as much as possible and you'll maximize your summer fun in the garden.

New Arrivals
Colorblast Double Purslane

Stunning Color for Florida Heat
6" Pot - $5.99
Double Rangoon Creeper

Flowers Change Color
10" Pot - $39.99


Bright, Easy Color
6" Pot - $5.99

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