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May 27, 2010   

Crape myrtles are blooming, the sweet smell of gardenias is in the air, it must be summertime in Florida. And with summer arriving, don't forget to water your new plants. Watering daily in the morning will keep them happy and healthy and make them grow big and strong.

Happy Gardening,
Kim, Joey and Mark

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Cool Plants

We're always on the lookout for cool plants that add a little something different to a garden. Below are some new finds this summer. Check them out! 


Farfugium -  This plant is just cool because of its name! Add lush foliage, that when spotted gives this plant its common name "Leopard Plant" and you have a really cool plant for patio pots or lightly shaded gardens. In the summer time it also gets small yellow flowers.



Black-eyed Susan - A cheery plant that adds a smile to any garden. Plant black-eyed susan's in sun to part shade, keep them watered when it's hot and watch them bloom all summer long.




Dwarf Malaysian Orchid A beautiful tropical flower, well suited for patio pots or poolside containers. The unique flower clusters appear throughout the summer atop lush foliage. Use them to create a poolside paradise.




Chaste Tree - We can't grow lilacs, but this large shrub or small tree is a great replacement. Long spires of bluish-purple flowers appear in early summer. They are blooming now at the nursery.



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