Discover the Fun of Gardening

May 24, 2012   

Your backyard is your personal paradise. 

Whether this weekend's plans include lounging by the pool or a BBQ with the family, you're bound to be spending time in your yard. So make sure that it is looking its best. This weekend, bagged mulch at Kerby's is just 2 bucks per bag for pine bark, red mulch or cypress. Mulch is a great way to help the soil hold more water, to stop weeds from growing and it's the icing on the landscape for making everything look neat and clean.
A dip in the pool is always refreshing
after a little work in the garden.
Enjoy the holiday weekend and be sure to have fun. It's sharing time in your garden with others that makes the work you put into it worthwhile.

Happy Gardening,
Kim, Joey and Mark

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Cool Tropical Plants

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Cool Tropical Plants

Have you always wanted to turn your backyard into a tropical paradise? It's easy with so many cool plants available. Below are some of Kerby's favorites.  

The Brazilian Cloak's beautiful flowers
are hard to miss
.  The beautiful flowers of the Cream Pink Mandevilla add just a touch of soft color.
The Crocosmia has beautiful grass-like leaves and the flowers are great for hummingbirds and butterflies.  Persian Shield is a tried and true tropical with bright purple leaves. Great contrast for other greenery.

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