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May 23, 2019   
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Visiting Magnolia

Hi everybody. This is Kim and I'm taking over the e-newsletter. Now don't get worried, Joey will be back next week, we just thought it would be fun to change things up. Speaking of change, do you ever get tired of seeing or doing the same things over and over again? Well, I do. I'm not sure what brings it on. Perhaps it is boredom or maybe I just need a little inspiration.

Last week Joey and I went on a pilgrimage of sorts to Waco, Texas. Waco is the setting for one of my favorite sources of inspiration, Chip and Joanna Gaines. Our family had been fans of their show Fixer Upper and we were so sad when it ended. Although the show is no longer on the air, we found that we could still get our fix by dining at the Magnolia Table and visiting the shops and bakery at the Silos while on this trip. Our quick visit was everything I hoped it would be. The staff was welcoming and full of southern hospitality. The market was beautifully laid out in a way that made you feel like everything would fit perfectly in your own home. And the cupcakes at the bakery did not disappoint. But what really struck me about our time there were the display gardens around the Silos. There's no doubt where our passions lie.
Bean Teepee in the Magnolia gardens
Like moths to a flame we were drawn to the raised vegetable beds, the adorable bean teepee and the greenhouse. This area filled me with ideas for our own yard and I returned home eager to begin planning for our fall harvest. Yes, I know it's May, but it is nearing the end of the spring vegetable season in Florida and I'm thinking ahead. I don't know about you, sometimes I can't put what I want into words, but I know it when I see it. When I saw everything laid out so charmingly in Texas I wanted to come home and make it happen

Inspiration can be found in so many places; a book, a movie, a painting, a sunset. The next time you are at Kerby's, we hope you find the plants set out in a way that helps you see them in your own garden. And if you're like me and won't know it's what you want until you see it, don't be afraid to move plants around and create some inspiration for yourself, we don't mind. Or if you need help, ask one of us. We love to inspire people in the garden

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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The Weekly Special
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Butterflies and hummingbirds adore all types of salvias: Rockin Fuchsia from Proven Winners, the classic Mystic Spires or Mexican Bush Sage. With all the varieties, the menu in your garden will be one that pollinators can't stay away from. This week, all salvias are 3 for $20. 

Get ready to harvest.

Garden Tip
It's Harvest Time

Kim may be dreaming about our fall garden, but at home right now, we are in the thick of harvest season. Tomatoes are blushing, peppers are coloring and it is hard to keep up with the okra. Hopefully your gardens are producing well and to keep them going, take a look at our harvest tips below.

1. Pick Early - This is most important if you have critter issues. We've never found a way to keep squirrels, racoons, birds etc. from trying to share the harvest. So we pick as early as possible. The second a tomato starts to color, we pick it and let it ripen inside. Same goes for peppers and of course if you don't pick okra young, it gets tough fast.
2. Keep Fertilizing - Once harvest starts, it is easy to slack on the attention that you've been paying to your garden. Keep to your fertilizer schedule so that the plants continue to have the nutrients to produce. To encourage more flowering and fruiting, try switching to Foxfarm TigerBloom for your liquid fertilizer.
3. Watch the Water - As the humidity creeps in, so will disease issues. Plants still need plenty of water, but by now, you should be watering deeply twice weekly. This allows the gardens to dry out in between and reduces disease problems.
4. Blossom End Rot - Tomatoes are especially susceptible to this. A rotten circle forms where the blossom was. This is called blossom end rot and is a symptom of a calcium deficiency. Spray with Fertilome's Yield Booster to stop and prevent this problem.
5. Don't Forget to Harvest - I know that sounds silly, but after the fun of spring planting, it is easy to get busy and forget your garden. Pick a favorite recipe (you can find some at #KerbyCulinaryCorner) grab your harvest basket, and make something delicious. It always tastes best from your backyard.

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