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May 14, 2020
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Farewell Willow
by Joey Bokor

It is with great sadness that we tell you that our beloved nursery cat Willow passed away this weekend. We don't really know what happened. She was playing in the greenhouse throughout the day on Saturday and saying 'Hi' in her special way to everyone. When we came in the next morning, we found her unresponsive. We will miss her sneaking up on us in odd places around the nursery, you just never knew where you would find her. One day it was the rafters in the store, on another she was using the shade cloth as a hammock and occasionally, she even tried to make herself comfortable on the printer in my office.

Willow came to the nursery almost 8 years ago. Her mother, Precious, was found on the property, pregnant with a litter of kittens. She gave birth to three little black kittens soon after we found her. Two of those kittens were adopted by a staff member, but one of them, Willow, stuck around and became a fixture at the nursery. From then on, every day, mother and daughter would hear one of us opening the Wheeler gate and would come running to the store, knowing that it was breakfast time. Those early morning greetings always put smiles on our faces.

We know that you will miss her, too. So many times, you told us that your kids saw the nursery and begged you to stop in just to see Willow. She will be missed by many, but she had a great life at Kerby's, and we know that she is rolling in fields of catnip in the sky. The next time you are in the nursery, don't forget to say hello to Willow's mother Precious, she'll be happy to see you.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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House Plant Care

When you can't be outside in the garden, be inside! Houseplants are a great way to clean the air you breathe and to add a touch of nature to indoor spaces. If you've tried houseplants and haven't been successful, try the tips below. For our full houseplant care sheet and a list of our favorite easy-care houseplants, click here.

Light - House plants don't need tons of sunlight, but they do need some. Pick a location in your home that has a bright sunny window so that plenty of natural light will reach the leaves of your plants. Our rule of thumb is that the room should be bright with all of the lights off. That shows you that there is plenty of sunshine coming inside.

Water - You know that we love to lecture you about watering. For outdoor plants, underwatering is usually the biggest issue. For indoor plants, overwatering is one of the most common problems that we see. So don't kill your new #plantbabies with kindness. For most houseplants, you only want to water when the plant has dried out. And don't forget that too wet can look like too dry. Check the soil for dampness before watering.

Humidity - Most houseplants are native to humid, jungle climates (hence urban jungling). Our indoor spaces are constantly dehumidified to keep us comfortable. To increase the humidity for your indoor plants, either give them an occasional misting or keep a saucer with water underneath them.

Keep Leaves Clean - There is always dust settling on surfaces in your home, and that same dust settles on the leaves of your houseplants. Make sure that you occasionally wipe or brush the leaves clean to make sure they get all the sunlight that they need.

Bring Nature Indoors with houseplants. There are so many to choose from that pretty soon, you'll have your own urban jungle. If you want to buy house plants from the comfort of your home, or need to send a planty gift to a friend, check out Dwell at Kerby's the houseplant shop. Currently shipping is limited to Florida, Georgia and Alabama, but we will be open to more states soon.

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