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May 10, 2018   
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Having a little fun in the garden with Mom.

At the beginning of May each year, I start digging through old pictures to find my annual 'How can I embarass my mom a little bit in the newsletter' picture. Of course that's not the only reason I go looking for old pictures.  It's also just plain fun (and usually side tracks me from what I should be doing for an hour or two . . .). Old pictures always bring back lots of great memories of growing up, and remind me of our old yard, gardens and home. The picture I found this year is one that I don't remember seeing before. It caught my attention, because I think it captures what we try to do at Kerby's: bring you happiness and fun in your garden. Gardens are great for that aren't they. Once the hard work of digging holes and planting is done, the garden can be one of the most amazing places for kicking back and enjoying life. It can be as simple as rocking on a swing in the shade or as fun as climbing around like a little monkey. Sometimes I wonder why I left the high-tech world to run a garden center, but then I see a picture like this and I realize that it was in my blood all along. I've always loved the outdoors and my mom was no small part of that. Without her, the Kerby's you know that tries to bring fun and happiness into your gardens wouldn't exist in quite the same way. So thanks mom. I only hope I give my children the same outdoor fun and garden happiness that I remember as a child. And who knows, maybe someday they'll take the reigns at Kerby's and continue the tradition of fun and happiness in the garden.

If this newsletter is a reminder to you that Mother's Day is this Sunday, don't worry. Kerby's has you covered. If a mom you love is a gardener, then finding peace and happiness in the garden is probably her favorite thing to do. So why not make it a little more beautiful and a little easier for her. There are so many things you could do to help her out. Plant a butterfly garden to attract beautiful butterflies to the yard or add a few fortuniana grafted roses to her rose garden. You could even give her some garden coupons for work in the garden. If you aren't sure what she needs for her garden get her a Kerby's gift card. Then, plan a day to come out to Kerby's together (Maybe for the Herb Workshop this Saturday!) She'll be able to pick out the perfect plants for her garden and you'll both get to enjoy spending some time together.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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