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The Kerby's E-Newsletter for May 4, 2017   

May the 4th be with you.

The e-newsletter landed on a great day today - National Star Wars Day. So -  May the Fourth be with you! And I have a great gardening/star wars joke: Do you know why Yoda is a great gardener? . . . Because green thumbs he has!  It's hard to believe that the original Star Wars movie is almost 40 years old. I suppose it's also crazy that 40 years later it is still wildly popular. But enough about Star Wars, we've got something serious to talk about this week: watering.

Planted at the same time,
different amounts of water

Hands down, the most important thing for new plants is water. And unfortunately, Mother Nature isn't providing us with a whole lot right now. So for all of those new, beautiful plants that you've planted this spring, make sure to keep them well watered. Click here for our general watering tips and instructions. And to give you a great visual for the difference good watering makes, check out the viburnums in the picture above. These are planted in my yard. They were planted at the same time with our Kerby's Planting Soil and they are on drip irrigation. There is a pretty big difference in size isn't there! Just the other day, I discovered that one of my pipe couplings had broken, and the full flow of water from a 3/4 inch tube was directly watering the big viburnum. So for some time, that one plant has been getting thorough, deep waterings and the others have been starved of water a bit. And it shows in the size - it's twice as big. The moral is - if you want your plants to do well, you've got to give them what they need: Water. Not just a quick spray on the surface. Deep, thorough waterings. Your plants will thank you, and you'll be much happier with your plants as they establish and grow in the years to come. 

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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