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May 3, 2018   
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Skelly took my chair.

So this is what greeted me this morning in one of my office chairs.  I have this nice comfy chair that is perfect for reading and I especially like sitting in it to write (I'm sort of old-fashioned, I do most of my writing on paper . . . ) So I got my notepad, grabbed my favorite pen and headed for the chair and there was Skelly. Yep, that's what the girls named her. (I think it's a her. She is wearing a pink bow on her head.) So now I've completely forgotten what I was planning to write in the first place. I'm not sure if there were science lessons yesterday or if they were doing a Nightmare Before Christmas play. Either way, it was definitely a little startling.

So, since I am distracted from writing, I'll just tell you that lots of great stuff has arrived at the nursery this week. If you need something for Mom (Mother's Day is May 13th), a shipment of beautiful fortuniana-grafted roses just arrived. We've unloaded multiple trucks full of summer flowers, including Colorblast Mango Mojito purslane and two shipments of fruit trees arrived to fill up the Fruit Walk. Even though it is May and the afternoons are getting warmer, the mornings are still cool and, well, you live in Florida so it's still a great time to plant. Let's have some fun in the garden this week and try to avoid those skeletons in the chair (better than skeletons in the closet, I guess).

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Powdery mildew on zucchini leaves in our home garden.
Garden Tip
Treating Downy and Powdery Mildew

It happens fast, especially with our consistent humidity. One day your zucchini's look great and the next day, the leaves are silvery and covered with white splotches. It's either downy mildew (silvery) or powdery mildew (white splotches). It is  often found on veggies like squashes, cucumbers and melons. You'll also find it infecting hydrangeas. But never fear! It can be treated. For veggie gardens, we usually turn to Ferti-lome's Copper Soap Fungicide. It is for organic gardening and can be used up to the day of harvest. For hydrangeas, you can use the copper soap fungicide, and you can also use Southern Ag's Liquid Copper Fungicide. Once you see the mildew, be sure to treat weekly (always in the evening, so you don't burn the leaves in the afternoon). Hopefully you can get your plants back into good shape, and keep getting harvests into the summertime.
Featured Plants
Purslane Colorblast Mango Mojito

Bright color for the summer heat
6" Pot - $5.99
Teddy Bear Magnolia

A Super-Dwarf Magnolia Tree
15 Gallon Pot - $199.99
Lime Sizzler Firebush

Beautiful Leaf Color
10" Pot - $19.99

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