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March 29, 2018   
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Join us this Saturday for the 9th Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Just about every year since I was a little kid, my family has had some kind of Easter Egg hunt. Digging through old pictures, I found one from the early 80s of my sister and I (we're the little tikes in the picture) hard at work hunting for eggs. Our tradition growing up was for the Easter Bunny to hide the real eggs (the colored hardboiled ones) in the house. After we'd found those and checked on our baskets, we'd head outside to hunt for plastic eggs with goodies hidden in them. There was always a big gold egg that had a little money in it (you know, something besides jelly beans and chocolate). We all looked really hard for that one!

If you want to see some real egg-hunters at work, then join us this Saturday for the 9th Annual Easter Egg Hunt. We can't believe it's been nine years since we started this annual tradition, and it's always tons of fun to watch the kids find nearly 2500 eggs in under 15 minutes. Amazing that kids can find enough eggs to fill a basket that quickly, but ask them to pick up toys off the floor and suddenly they start moving at a snails pace!  Oh and besides the Easter Egg Hunt, it's going to be a gorgeous weekend and tons of beautiful flowers and hardy shrubs are arriving every day at the nursery. The weather won't get better for getting your gardens back into shape after the winter.  Come join the fun among the beautiful flowers and have a very Happy Easter.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Keep an eye on your plants.
Garden Tip
Watch for bugs

As we begin to warm up and your veggie gardens keep growing, be sure to watch out for insect pests. They love warm, dry weather and that's usually what we get at this time of the year. On leafy veggies, look for aphids clustering on the underside of young tender leaves (I found some on my kale plants) and also keep an eye out for cabbage loopers. They'll eat small holes in plants like collard, kale and cabbage. On tomato plants, watch for aphids, leaf-miner and army worms (I found a bunch of  those on one of my plants as well.) The good news is there are natural treatment options such as: Neem Oil or Captain Jacks Deadbug Brew. For worms and caterpillars, use Caterpillar Spray with Bt. If you have aphids and want to try a natural predator, you can release ladybugs in your garden. The key is catching the insects early and starting treatment before they have a chance to do real damage. Keep an eye on your plants and you'll have great harvests soon.
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