Lucky Pennies
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March 25, 2021
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Lucky Pennies
by Joey Bokor

If you see a penny on the ground, what do you do? Do you pick it up or do you just walk on by? Me, I can't walk past. No matter where I am, I always scoop it up. I don't know exactly why I do it. I vaguely remember some self-help financial book that my parents had lying around that had 'picking up loose change' listed as a simple way to save money. It made lots of sense when I was a kid, and somehow the habit has always stuck with me.

And it is a habit that has rubbed off on Kim as well. Maybe it is that old phrase from Benjamin Franklin 'A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned' that has us scouring the ground for them, but more likely it is just the idea of a lucky penny. We aren't overly superstitious, but anything that brings a little extra luck is OK in our book.

We've turned this little habit into a constant back and forth where we text each other when we find a stray penny. We find them in all sorts of places: the airport security line, under a shelf at the grocery store, and we even found some outside of a cathedral in Spain last year. If we aren't together and we find one, we'll send each other a picture to document our luck for the day.

I didn't realize how often we find them, until I sent a picture of a penny to Kim yesterday morning and she responded with a compilation of pictures from the last week or two. Wow, I said to myself, that is a lot of lucky pennies. I don't know that finding them changes anything about our lives, but it sure makes us feel pretty lucky. So, if you ever see me wandering, looking attentively at every nook and cranny on the sidewalk, you know I'm just hunting for a little good luck.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Planting a Tree

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. So what are you waiting for! If you need some shade for your home or garden, or just want to get started on your fruit forest, the weather for planting couldn't be better. Below are some of our best planting tips for trees and shrubs. And if you prefer a video, click here, where I go through the steps of planting a tree.

Choose the Right Location - Most trees want a sunny well-drained area, so make sure you find a bright spot in your yard that drains well, even after a heavy thunderstorm.

Use Good Soil - Florida soil is notoriously poor, so use a good soil such as our custom Kerby's Planting Soil to get your trees off to a good start.

Stimulate the Roots - The most important thing for new trees is to establish a strong root system. To really boost initial root growth, use Ferti-Lome Root Stimulator. It contains a rooting hormone and the right balance of nutrients for developing a strong root system.

Stake the Tree - Most trees benefit from staking for the first year. Staking is important not to keep the trunk straight, but to keep the new tree from falling over and damaging the new roots that it is trying to grow. For most trees, a single stake driven through the root ball and attached to the trunk is sufficient.

Water, Water, Water - All plants need consistent initial watering. For trees, make sure you are watering them deeply enough. Shallow, frequent waterings encourage shallow root systems. Those are the kind of root systems that damage sidewalks and driveways. Water deeply at each watering to get water all the way through the root ball and beyond the roots. This encourages roots to grow downward. A deep, strong root system creates a strong, healthy tree.

Now pick a beautiful day and have a picnic, after all the garden isn't just for work, it's for relaxing too.

New Arrivals
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