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March 21, 2019   
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A Green Visitor

Before the start of this week's newsletter, I wanted to point out a new-ish feature. In the links area at the top of the newsletter, there is a Listen link. I know sometimes when I'm busy, I'll put on some of my favorite podcasts and keep right on working while listening. Give it a click and you can keep dreaming about your garden, while you are still getting things done. Enjoy.

This past weekend was St. Patrick's Day. A day to wear green, eat corned beef and cabbage, and say 'Top of the morning to ya' in a funny accent. Apparently, it is also the day that the Leprechaun visits your home. As if Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy weren't enough, there is now one more magical creature that visits our home. What? You don't have a leprechaun that visits you each year? He's actually been coming to see us for a few years. I don't know where Kim first got the idea (probably Pinterest) but for a few years, on St. Patrick's Day, Kim has put green footprints on the seat of one of our toilets and colored the water in the bowl green. The girls always think it is funny and come looking for the footprints in the morning.

This year, we'd almost forgotten that Sunday was St. Patrick's Day when the girls reminded us and asked what a leprechaun looked like. We asked google and not only did we find pictures, but there was a short video of some kids making a leprechaun trap. And suddenly the girls were off. We didn't hear much from Abby as she was busy constructing, but Madeleine kept coming down the stairs and asking questions like: What do leprechauns eat? What do they like to do? She settled on a clementine and peanuts for inside the trap, and Abby decided that Free Gold was the way to lure them in. When they were finished they had a slick leprechaun trap and high expectations of success.   

A Leprechaun Trap
In the morning, their trap was sprung, the tissue paper that was hiding the hole was broken and Maddy came running down the stairs yelling 'We've caught a leprechaun.' I think she was scared to open it. So we went upstairs and opened it up together. No leprechaun, but sure enough half the clementine was gone as well as a handful of the peanuts. I told them that leprechauns were wily creatures and probably not interested in sticking around for too long. Just long enough for a snack. And the visitor did leave some footprints behind. Irrefutable proof that leprechauns are real. The girls are already planning next year's trap. I'm a little afraid that one day I'm going to come down the hall from my bedroom to find my home booby-trapped with strange contraptions. Hopefully they are only interested in catching leprechauns and not fathers . . .

And that was the start to a busy week. Not only did we celebrate St. Paddy's Day, but yesterday was the first official day of spring and today is National Flower Day. It's the perfect week for a nursery. We wear green every day, celebrate flowers every day and wish that it was spring every day. Right now you can't beat the weather we are having. Spring perfection. The gardening doesn't get better than this, so plant away! This week's special is Encore Azaleas. Three seasons of blooms from a Southern garden classic. See below for some azalea tips and stop by the nursery to see the gorgeous azaleas for yourself. We promise we won't let the girls set any traps in your way.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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The Weekly Special
Encore Azaleas
2 for $50
10" Pot, Regular Price - $29.99
Offer valid through 3/28/19

You love azaleas for their spring blooms. But what if I told you there was an azalea that bloomed three times each year. You read that correctly. You'll get three seasons of blooms with Encore Azaleas: once in the spring, again in the summer and one more time in the fall. Enjoy azaleas throughout the year with Encore Azaleas and this week you'll save $10 when you buy two.

Azaleas are a Southern classic.

Garden Tip
Azalea Tips

1) Use Rich Soil - Azaleas love rich soil. Chances are that the soil in your yard is, well, not-so-rich. Many of us have sandy soil which doesn't help azaleas get the nutrients they need. Plant with Kerby's Pine Soil to add organic material and create an acidic soil condition that azaleas will thrive in.

2) Water well - I know, I know, you get tired of me lecturing you about watering plants, but it is hands down the most important thing you can do to establish strong new plants. Water daily for the first month, always in the morning with a good deep soaking. In the second month, go to every other day and in month three, you can back down to twice weekly. Follow that initial watering schedule and you will have beautiful blooming azaleas for years to come.

3) Time your Pruning - Spring blooming azaleas set their blooms in the fall. So if you prune azaleas in late fall or winter, you'll prune off the blooms you are working so hard to get. Save pruning your azaleas until just after they finish blooming in the spring.

4) Feed Azaleas - Azaleas can struggle to take up nutrients in poor Florida soil, so make sure you supplement with The Kerby's Special. Our complete fertilizer has everything azaleas need, including all of the major and minor elements. Fertilize monthly in the first year and then spring, summer and fall in subsequent years.

5) Watch for pests - Strongly rooted, healthy azaleas don't have a lot of pest and disease issues. But two of the most common issues we see are lacebug and leaf spot disease. Lacebugs cause the leaves to look a brownish-gray color. They live on the undersides and feed on the chlorophyll in the leaves. Treat with Systemic Insect Control if you see this issue to treat and prevent the insects return. Leaf spot disease often happens in rainy season when it is wet and humid. That can be treated with Liquid System Fungicide. And remember if you ever have plant issues, bring us a sample of the problem and we'll identify and find a solution to make sure your plants are growing their best.

New Arrivals
Three Seasons of Blooms

with Encore Azaleas
10" Pot - 2 for $50
Barley Blue Agapanthus

Beautiful Spring Color
10" Pot - $19.99
Aquatic Plants are In

Water Lilies

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