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March 12, 2020
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Something's Always Wrong
by Joey Bokor

Sounds like a real pick-me-up title, doesn't it? I promise it isn't bad. The other evening, Maddy and I were prepping dinner and listening to music. One of my favorite bands is Toad the Wet Sprocket. Every one of their songs stirs up some sort of memory. My favorite album is Dulcinea and as we were listening, the song 'Something's Always Wrong' from that album came on. I'm singing away, but when I look over at Maddy, she has a furrowed brow and a pensive look and with a matter-of-fact tone, we had this conversation:

'Daddy, I know what this song means.'

'Oh, you do, OK, well, tell me'

'It means that something is always wrong in people's lives and if there isn't, it means that they are an imaginary person.'

To which I could only reply: Deep . . . very deep little one.

But she's right, isn't she. If anyone tells you everything is perfect, they are probably not telling you the truth. We've all got things going on behind the scenes. They may not be wrong, specifically, but they aren't always as good as we'd like them to be. Maybe it is stress from work or family or just the things going on in the world around us that are beyond our control. We've all got something going on, even if we pretend that we don't. When we are interacting with others, I find it helpful to try and remember that you don't always know the whole story. Maddy did a great job reminding me of that while we listened to the song.

Fortunately, at Kerby's, we had a lot go right this week (and I promise we aren't imaginary). Thanks to everyone who came out to help us celebrate our 40th birthday and the kick-off of the spring season. It was great to see so many familiar faces and the fact that you chose to spend some of your Saturday with us fills us with gratitude.

The commemoration of our 40th year doesn't stop there. Over the past few months, we've collected stories from customers and staff about their gardens and what they remember about Kerby's from over the years. We'll feature those stories each week in this newsletter. You can link to them from the menu above, or below you'll find the introduction to the highlighted story for the week. We wouldn't be celebrating our 40th birthday if it wasn't for you, our customers. We hope you enjoy. If you have a story you'd like to share, we'd love to hear it, tell us in person at the nursery or email us at We look forward to sharing your garden with the Kerby's Community.

And now, with the spring planting season in full swing, we thought it was the perfect time for a refresher on the best way to plant trees, shrubs and flowers. Getting a garden off to a great start begins with good planting practices. See our tips below for creating the right conditions for plants to thrive.

A garden is the place where a lot of things can go right, and where the things that are sometimes wrong can fade away. I can't think of a better place to spend a little Life Lived Outside this spring.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Your Garden Stories
Commemorating Kerby's 40th Birthday
Flowers for my Mother

Kerby's was one of my mother's favorite places. For years we'd go there together. Her yard was adorned with her camellia and gardenia collections, most of which were bought at Kerby's. She'd get excited when annuals arrived and usually bought several each season for her front door pots. Click to continue reading story . . .

Melody, daughter of Carol, Brandon, FL

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I start my seminars with this statement: 'A gardener doesn't grow plants. A gardener creates the proper conditions for a plant to grow.' It's a modification of a quote from Sir Ken Robinson about education and creatvity, but it is just as applicable to plants. We don't grow plants. We give plants the great soil, water, fertilizer and sunlight that they need to grow. Below are our best tips for creating the right conditions for all of your plants to thrive.

Dig a Hole - To plant, you've got to dig. But you want to dig the hole properly. Think wide, not deep. The hole you dig should be twice as wide as the rootball of the plant, but only as deep as the rootball. Planting too deep is one of the most common problem for plants. It chokes them with soil and causes stems and trunks to rot. So always think dig wide, not deep.

Loosen the Roots - Strong roots mean a thriving plant. Roots won't be able to grow well if they are still packed together the way they may be in a pot. Loosen the rootball to get all roots point outwards. Sometimes it's as easy as raking lightly with your fingers and sometimes for larger plants, you need clippers or a garden trowel to get the big roots loosened. We want those roots growing out and down, not circling around the existing root ball.

Set the Plant in the Hole - If you've dug the hole properly, there should be a little space around the root ball and most importantly, the top of the rootball should be level with the ground around it. Our tip: look at the top of the rootball of the plant when it is in the pot. That is what you should still see when you've planted it. New soil will go around the sides of the rootball, but no soil goes on top of the roots. This is your moment to double check. If you set the plant in and it is too deep or too shallow, take it out and correct the depth of the hole.

Backfill with Good Soil - For new plants, we use a mix of 50% Kerby's Planting Soil to 50% native soil (soil removed from the hole). The great Kerby's Soil gets the plant off to a good start with rich soil that contains active microbes and a protection against soil fungus. The native soil lets the plant get used to the soil in your yard, but slowly. Most of our yards are filled with poor Florida soil and it takes a little getting used to for your new plants.

Compact, but not too much - Once you've filled the space in the hole around your new plants, using your hands, compact the soil to remove air pockets. For larger shrubs and trees, using the hose to wash the soil in is helpful. As you fill the larger hole with water, you'll see air bubbles as hidden air pockets below ground are filled in. Be sure at this point that the original rootball is still visible at the surface. No new dirt should be on top of the plant's roots.

Now, You Water - After planting, water well to soak the root ball and the soil beyond. For the first month, water your new plants daily in the morning, soaking well to get water through the entire rootball of the plant. This daily watering encourages new roots to start growing and to start looking for water beyond the hole that you planted in. In the second month, back the watering down to every other day and in the thrid month, reduce frequency to twice per week. We are slowly encouraging the plant to find water on days in between waterings. It has to be a slow adjustment or your plants will get fristrated. Even with good planting and good soil, plants still need regular water to establish and thrive.

Fertilize - Fertilize with The Kerby's Special monthly for the first year and Spring, Summer and Fall in the second year and beyond. The amount that you use will vary based on the size of the plant.

There is no better day than today to start making your gardens beautiful. At Kerby's you'll find the best trees, shrubs and flowers and now you are armed with our planting tips to create the right conditions for all of your plants to thrive.

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