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March 8, 2018   
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An elephant standing just like I do.

Do you know anyone that you can identify just by the way they walk or stand? You don't have to see a face, just something about the way their body moves, or the way they position their feet gives them away. Abby and I took a trip to the zoo last week, and as we walked by the elephants, I saw an elephant standing with its back legs crossed and I immediately thought 'That's how I stand!' This posture of mine is something that goes all the way back to 10th grade chemistry. Kim and I were in a class together and for some reason I was often up at the whiteboard working out problems for the class. And whenever I was at the whiteboard, I stood exactly like the elephant in the picture. Kim used to always make comments about the way I crossed my leg and even this week at the nursery, I caught myself standing just like that elephant as I talked to customers about shrubs and trees (although I think I tend to cross my right foot over my left one. . .).It just made me chuckle that the elephant reminded me of . . . me.

So how about the weather this week. Quite a change from our Summer-in-February (and even a little on the chilly side this morning!) You know that the weather won't get any better than it is right now, so take advantage of the fabulous temperatures to get outside and wake your gardens from their winter slumber. There is so much to do! And if you've always thought about planting some gorgeous pots for a porch, patio or pool area, join me this Saturday for the Container Gardening Workshop at 10am. You'll learn all about Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers and I'll share our best tips and tricks for creating beautiful combinations that grow and bloom all season long (Check out a sneak peak from last year's spot on Daytime). Plus don't forget that all of our glazed outdoor pottery is Buy One Get One 50% Off. Come out and join in the fun of Spring!

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Plant right for strong, healthy plants..
Garden Tip
 Planting Right

You want everything you plant to grow, bloom, fruit and well, to really thrive. For this to happen, you must plant properly. It's not hard, but there are a couple of rules to follow.
1) Dig wide holes, not deep holes. The single biggest problem is planting too deep. Plant level with the existing ground, or especially for larger plants, plant a half inch above ground to allow for settling and mulch. Planting too low in the soil causes long-term issues and even if doesn't cause plants to outright die, it often causes them never really do anything. So think wide, not deep.
2) Use planting soil, but don't overdo it. Using great soil is always something we recommend because it helps plants slowly acclimate to your native Florida soil. But make sure to mix that good Kerby's Planting Soil 50/50 with the native soil. This lets the plants grow in something they are used to at the start as they adapt to the native soil.
3) Water regularly and water deeply. Watering is critical. It needs to be done regularly and always in the morning. But each time you water a plant, make sure that you are watering deeply as well. A quick spray over the top of the roots may quench the plant's thirst in the near term, but it won't help plants generate a strong root system. Give new plants enough water to really soak into the soil all the way through the root ball, driving roots downward and creating a strong, sturdy plant.
There you are - a few quick tips for planting your new spring plants.
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