Spring is the Time,
Kerby's is the Place

March 7, 2013   

A lovely cherub or playful puppy statue
is a great way to add a personal touch
to your landscape.

The weather has been a little crazy these past few weeks, ranging from warm and sunny to breezy and cool. Of course it is nice to have a little taste of winter without freeze or frost, and the cooler weather makes it even more enjoyable to get out in the garden. See below for pictures of some new arrivals at Kerby's. It's spring and it's time to decorate your outdoors with bright and beautiful plants. And if you don't know where to start . . . just ask, Kerby's is always here to help make gardens beautiful.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Spring Flowers

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Dwarf Citrus Trees
$75.00 5 Gallon Pot
Featured Plant
Dwarf Citrus
Citrus x
Dwarf citrus trees are in at Kerby's. If you have a small yard or no yard at all, never fear, you can still grow citrus trees. Dwarf citrus trees grow four to six feet tall, but still produce full sized fruits. They need full sun and grow equally well planted in the ground or in a pot. Kerby's has limes, lemons, oranges, tangerines, tangelos and grapefruits in dwarf trees, so there is something for every taste. And of course if you have more space in your yard, Kerby's has lots of non-dwarf citrus trees too.

Spring Flowers

As spring approaches, more and more new flowers, trees, fruit and shrubs are arriving at the nursery. Below is just a taste of what's just arrived at Kerby's. The pictures are pretty, but they are even more beautiful in person! So come on out to Kerby's and see them for yourself.

No you can't eat the flowers, but get close and take a whiff . . . they smell like chocolate! That's cool.
Chocolate Cosmos
6" Pot - $4.99
A favorite flower of gardeners everywhere. The black-eyed susan adds bright, sunny color to any landscape.
Black-Eyed Susan
6" Pot - $6.99
Daisies always make you smile, and gerberas are no exception. They add bright color with large, lovely flowers.
Gerbera Daisies
6" Pot - $6.99
A favorite spring flower, with rich blue flowers. Amazing color for spring gardens and containers.
8" Pot - $9.99
Butterflies love the pincushion flower! Beautiful purple blooms stand on little stalks above the low-growing foliage.
Pincushion Flower
6" Pot - $6.99
Brighten your landscape with a carpet of flowers. Verbena is heat and drought tolerant. Aztec Pink Verbena
6" Pot - $4.99

Upcoming Events


Workshop: Creating Curb Appeal
Saturday, March 16th at 10:00 am

Come out and learn how to create a gorgeous landscape design. It's easier than you think! We'll talk about tough plants, easy plants and beautiful plants. Plus we'll show you how to add accents and pottery to give your garden an extra spark.







Workshop: Growing Delicious Herbs
Saturday, March 23rd at 10am

We all love food. And we love food even more when it's cooked with tasty herbs.  Growing your own herb garden is easy and it is a great way to always have fresh herbs for all of your favorite recipes. Come to this workshop to learn all about growing herbs and what herbs can be used for.






4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, March 30th at 10am SHARP!
Please note the Easter egg hunt is on Saturday

Bring your Easter basket and get ready for a whole lot of fun . . . it's the 4th annual Easter Egg Hunt at Kerby's. Starting right at 10:00am, be ready to hunt and see how many Easter Eggs you can find hidden among the beautiful flowers.




Workshop: Butterfly Gardening
Saturday, April 6th at 10am

Bring on the butterflies! Butterfly gardening is a fun way to get everyone involved in the garden. Plus the plants that butterflies love are beautiful to us too. Come out to this workshop and learn the best way to attract butterflies to your garden. 






Workshop: Growing Roses in Florida
Saturday, April 13th at 10am  
Presented by the Tampa Rose Society

Ready, set, grow! Sure roses can be a challenge in Florida, but armed with the information from this workshop, presented by the Tampa Rose Society, you'll be on your way to growing healthy rose bushes that produce the loveliest roses on the block. As a bonus, Rose Society members will be at Kerby's until 1pm to answer questions and talk roses.



Workshop: Growing Delicious Citrus
Saturday, April 20th at 10am

Citrus are a staple fruit tree in Florida. From oranges to tangerines, and lemons to limes there is a wide variety of citrus to suit everyone's tastes. At this workshop, we'll discuss planting and care of citrus trees and what you can do to get the best harvests.  




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