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March 1, 2018   
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A few more chickens to pillage the garden.

So this season, it's garden vs. chickens in our veggie beds. I finally got an afternoon off last week and decided to finish planting our vegetable garden. I actually planted everything I wanted to and even got all the tomato cages and stakes put up properly. The next day, I went out after work to check on the garden . . . Some pepper plants were missing, some didn't have leaves and all of the tomatoes had been pecked at. So I added a new project to my list - a fence to keep the chickens away from the garden. We wanted them to be able to peck around, pull weeds, eat bugs and fertilize the garden a little bit, however we didn't realize that we would be in such fierce competition with them for the plants. The fence is started and hopefully this afternoon, I'll get it finished. And just in time too, because the girls picked up some new chicks to add to our brood. There is never a dull moment in the garden.

A few weeks ago in the newsletter I mentioned that we usally have a little cold snap during the strawberry festival. And wouldn't you know, the strawberry festival starts today, and guess what's coming this weekend . . . some relief from the heat! 50s and maybe even some upper 40s, with highs in the 60s and 70s. Now we're talking. And no need to worry, this kind of cool weather will make your plants happy and won't cause any additional cold damage. It's just a nice return to normal temperatures. So take advantage of the cool weather (you know it won't last) and get outside and make your yards beautiful.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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It's time to wake up your yards from their winter slumber.
Garden Tip
 Get Out and Prune

We've been telling you to have patience, have patience, have patience. And now that patience has paid off! With the cool weather coming this weekend, it's a great time to begin pruning the shrubs, trees, palms and flowers in your landscapes and start helping them recover from the cold winter. Almost everything benefits from pruning at this time of the year. Our rule of thumb is to prune as needed and you can usually prune up to 50% of the plant off. A few things not to prune now would be azaleas, camellias, and anything else that is full of spring blooms. For those bushes, wait until after they've bloomed to prune. As you prune, it is also a great time to fertilize for the spring season. Pretty soon everything will be growing and flowering, and you won't even remember that we had a cold winter.
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