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June 29, 2017   
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Your fruit forest needs
a Tango Mandarin.

Do you hate to admit that you are wrong? Yeah. Me too. But sometimes we just have to suck it up and admit it. I have recently learned that my dad was right about a citrus tree that we had years ago in our yard. This tree had a sweet orange flavor, but peeled like a tangerine. My dad always called it a Murcott, nothing else just a Murcott. I think he got the tree from my grandmother, and that's what she called it. A family friend knew how much we liked our Murcotts, so she got us another Murcott tree. But when the new tree fruited it was a Honey Murcott Tangerine. So, at this point, we were unsure of what that original mandarin was really called. Once I started working at Kerby's, I told my dad that I was sure I'd solved the mystery. What we had called a murcott was really a satsuma, and the murcott was a tangerine. He said that his Granny had a satusuma in the yard and it wasn't quite the same and he was sure that the mandarin we had was called a murcott. And I countered with, I'm sure it's a satsuma and the name murcott really went with the tangerine.

As it turns out, I was wrong and he was right. I recently discovered that there is an old-time satsuma called a W. Murcott Satsuma. It fits all of the characteristics of the old citrus fruits that  I remember. And here is the even better news, although we didn't get the W. Murcott Mandarins in at the nursery, we did get an offspring of it, the Tango Mandarin. It's supposed to be just as sweet and juicy, but as an added bonus, it has very few seeds. It's the same mandarin that is sold under catchy names at the grocery store, that your kids can't get enough of. (I know my girls will eat 2 or 3 in a sitting.) So there is a Tango Mandarin at the nursery with my dad's name on it, and an acknowledgement that he was right about that old Murcott Mandarin. Come check them out and see if there is one that needs a place in your Fruit Forest.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Red Finger Lime
14" Pot - $79.99
Featured Plant
Red Finger Lime

Cut open this fruit to find juicy little orbs of tangy goodness, with a flavor like a lime. (They are sometimes even called lime caviar.)  I'm thinking they'd make a nice topping for my next fusion tostados. However you use them, the finger lime will be a unique addition to your backyard garden.
Chelated Liquid Iron
16 fl oz - $6.99
Featured Product
Chelated Liquid Iron

When citrus and fruit trees arrive at the nursery, they often have big bursts of growth, no matter what time of year. We asked our growers how they do it, and they said they use a micronutrient spray. Especially in Florida soils, micronutrients are hard to come by, so a spray with the nutrients iron, copper, manganese and zinc give trees a boost they are often missing. Try it today on your trees to get a fresh burst of healthy green growth.
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