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June 18, 2020
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To Our Plant Daddy
by Abby and Maddy Bokor

This week Abby and Maddy asked if they could be in charge of the e-newsletter so that they could send a special Father's Day message to Joey, letting him know how much they love playing in the garden with him. How could I say no. If you want to hear it from them, click here.


I really love planting seeds in the garden with my daddy. He sticks his finger in the soil to make a hole and I'm in charge of dropping the seeds into the hole and covering them up. We planted sunflower seeds this year and now they are taller than me. Sometimes I get to help him at the nursery. I like to say hi to all of the customers. I really like to organize the plants in a way that will make other kids, or maybe even a grown-up, want to garden too.


Whenever I want to write or draw, I go outside to the garden or to see the chickens. I look at the flowers, study the chickens' eyes and watch how they move. I 'watch the wind bow down the grass, and the grass rise.' That's a quote from one of my favorite poems, Afternoon on a Hill, by Edna St. Vincent Millay. I smell the scent of flowers and herbs while I swing and watch butterfly after butterfly come to our garden.

Ever since I can remember, dad and I have worked in our garden together. If you added up all of the food we have grown in our garden it would last a year. My love for the garden is almost as big as the watermelons growing in it. This Father's Day, I hope we get to spend more time together working on growing something beautiful.

Well, all I can say is thanks girls. I hope we get to have some time this weekend playing in the garden too. And of course, I have to thank my Dad for inspiring my love of gardening. We all hope you enjoy a great weekend, celebrating Dad.
Happy Father's Day,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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The Weekly Special
2-in-1 Citrus - $109.99 - (That's $40 Off)
A citrus tree with two types of citrus in one, a meyers lemon and a variety of orange. Pretty cool getting two different harvests in the same space. Sounds like a great Father's Day gift to me, and at $40 off, it's a great deal. This week only.
7 Gallon Size, Regular Price $149.99
Price reduction only valid on 2-in-1 citrus. Expires 6/23/2020
Growing Great Citrus

Whether you love grapefruit or a fresh glass of orange juice with breakfast, every yard has a spot for at least one citrus tree. They grow well in our area, just follow the tips below to keep citrus in top shape. A new shipment of citrus just arrived, including a few fun varieties: Kumquats, Persian Limes, Ponderosa Lemons and Satsumas. Come on out and tantalize your taste buds.

Planting - Citrus need full sun. In Florida, this means at least 6 hours of direct sun each day. Citrus trees also like a well-drained soil. Fortunately, the typical sandy Florida soil actually makes a good start for citrus, because it drains quite well. Citrus trees do want more than just sand for their roots to grow in, so use a bag of Kerby's custom-blended Planting Soil in the hole of each tree you are planting. Click here for more planting instructions.

Watering - Many problems, such as fruit split, fruit drop and fruit drying are caused by poor watering practices. New trees need daily water for the first month, every other day for the second month and twice weekly in the third month. After the third month, make sure a tree gets at least an inch of water across the entire root system once per week. Yes, you may have to get out the hose during dry periods!

Fertilizer - To produce great harvests and sweet, juicy fruits, citrus trees need to be kept in top shape. Keep trees strong by providing them the major and minor nutrients they need. Fertilize monthly for the first year with The Kerby's Special 8-4-8 fertilizer. Thereafter, fertilize in the spring, summer and fall.

Disease and Insect Control - Keep an eye on your citrus trees for disease and insects. Early detection is the key and with preventative treatment, most problems can be avoided. To prevent diseases such as greasy spot, scab and alternaria spot, spray trees 3 times per year with Liquid Copper Fungicide. For insect issues, such as leaf-miner and aphids, use Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew weekly in the spring season, and monthly the rest of the year. A little preventative spraying goes a long way towards keeping trees happy and healthy. Happy trees mean big harvests.

New Arrivals
Variegated Red Navel Orange

A Fruiting Favorite with Variegated Leaves
5 Gallon Pot - $69.99
Persian Limes

Perfect with a Cold Beverage
5 Gallon Pot - $59.99


Meiwa (sweet) and Nagami (tart)
5 Gallon - $69.99


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