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June 16, 2011   

Joey and his dad Clark

One of my favorite gifts to give my dad for Father's Day used to be a "Daddy's Tool Box" with coupons for things to do and for some reason I always focused on garden chores. Every now and then, my dad finds old unredeemed coupons for mowing the lawn or weeding a flower bed. I usually try to make up excuses about expiration dates to try to get out of letting him redeem older coupons. I think this type of gift was a way to give dad a break from some of the things he had to do around the house. 

Kim and her dad Larry

As we've gotten older, we still like to give each other coupons, but tend to skip the chores and opt for more fun things to do, such as a trip somewhere fun (like the boardwalk at Kerby's) or planting a fruit tree. As lives get busy, time spent with each other becomes even more precious and of course the garden can be a great place to spend some quality time. If you want to give your dad some coupons for some fun around the garden or for something fun to do, click here. But make sure you put an expiration date on them! It's a perfect way to spend some time together and do something for your dad. 

Happy Father's Day,
Kim, Joey and Mark

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Happy Father's Day!

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