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June 15, 2016   

A rain garden is beautiful and environmentally friendly.

And just like that, rainy season is here. Hopefully all of you have dried out a bit from tropical storm Colin, as well as the lingering storms that kept us running for cover last week. With all of this rain, it's time to watch for fungus issues in our plants and lawns.   Or, if you have a wet area that you just can't get anything to grow in, consider planting a rain garden. The article below will give you some information on what goes into a rain garden, or come out and see the new rain garden area in the greenhouse at the nursery. Great ideas for turning an eyesore into an environmentally-friendly focal point of your landscape.

Lychees from my dad's tree.
Rainy season is also the start of harvest season for a lot of fruit trees. Just today, my father sent me a picture of the lychee harvest from a lychee tree that I planted for him some years ago. I may have planted it, but he has put alot of work into caring for it. He built a 'tent' to protect it during our freezing winters in 2010 and 2011 and now it has grown into a huge tree and this season it produced a great harvest of lychees. Speaking of planting trees for dad, what are you doing for your father this weekend? What's that? You forgot it was Father's Day this Sunday? Don't worry,  Kerby's has great garden gifts for dad, including all fruit trees at 20% off, through this weekend. If you can't think of anything he needs, what about giving him some "coupons" for work around the garden. He'll thank you when he has a little less yard-work to do and down the road, maybe he'll get a great harvest from a favorite fruit tree!

Happy Gardening and
Happy Father's Day,

The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Planting a Rain Garden

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Planting a Rain Garden

You live in Florida, so you know what happens in the summer: It rains just about every afternoon. But a little extra water shouldn't scare you, in fact you can use it to make a beautiful and environmentally-friendly rain garden.

Why plant a rain garden?
A rain garden is an area in your yard that collects and naturally filters rain water before it enters the groundwater system. This helps keep some metals, fertilizers and pesticides from entering the groundwater. It also keeps some water out of the storm water system which runs right into rivers and the bay, and instead allows it to soak into the groundwater system. A rain garden can also be helpful in solving drainage issues. Have a wet area that always looks messy? Create a rain garden and you'll transform it into the focal point of your garden.

Steps for Planting and Rain Garden
1. Select plants that don't mind having wet feet. (A few of our favorites are below).
2. Dig the area out a little to make a place for the water to go. Remember you aren't creating a pond or a place for standing water, just an area that can catch the water so that it slowly drains.
3. Use decorative rocks and boulders to outline the area and help hold the water in the garden as it seeps into the soil.
4. Now plant the plants, and wait for a rainy day!
Great Plants for Rain Gardens
Milkweed, Cardinal Flower, Mexican Petunia, Canna Lily, Alocasia & Colocasia, Muhly Grass, Holly Fern, Blue Flag Iris, Virginia Willow, Flamingo Flower, Shrimp Plant, Wax Myrtle, Bald Cypress, Red Maple, Weeping Willow, River Birch

Follow these steps to create a quick and easy rain garden. For more in-depth information, check out the IFAS handbook on rain gardens. What a great way to help the environment and create a unique garden at the same time.

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