Block Those Pesky Neighbors
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June 10, 2021
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Block Those Pesky Neighbors
by Joey Bokor

You like your neighbors, but you don't want to see everything that they do. And you probably don't want them watching you all the time either. And that's why there are privacy hedges! Tons of options to allow what you do in your yard to stay in your yard. I know my neighbors don't want to listen to all the hooting and hollering that goes on in our yard. From the girls belting out show tunes, to the way they leave everything we own all over the ground, we'd rather keep it to ourselves. Below are some of our favorite privacy hedges and there is something for everybody.

Sweet Viburnum - I know what you are going to say. Boring. But you know what, a tried and true shrub that can take severe prunes every few years and will even survive a new septic drain-field dug right along its roots is our kind of plant. Tough as nails for any conditions Florida throws at it.

Podocarpus - For those with more refined tastes, the slender foliage of Podocarpus adds a touch of class. It is slower growing than Sweet Viburnum, so it is a great option if you want to do less trimming, but you'll have to have some patience as you wait for it to grow to its full potential.

Hibiscus - On every tropical island, you will find hibiscus. The big colorful blooms can't be beat. Most hibiscus varieties grow between 4 and 8 feet tall, depending on how you prune them, giving you great privacy and turning your backyard into a little slice of paradise.

For Shade - Sometimes, you need privacy in a shady area. The above options prefer sun, but there are great plants for shade such as Dwarf Variegated Schefflera or Viburnum Suspensum. The Dwarf Schefflera is delightfully variegated and will slowly grow up to around six feet tall. Viburnum Suspensum is the slow-growing cousin of Sweet Viburnum and while it can tolerate sun, it also stays nice and full in shady areas. Other potential privacy plants for shade that also happen to be lush and tropical include Travelers Palms, White Bird of Paradise, and Areca Palms

Native - If you want to go native, then try Simpson's Stopper or Beauty Berry. Wildlife magnets with privacy to boot and they know how to take Florida weather without missing a beat.

Vines - If all you have is a very-narrow area, then consider vines. They will climb a fence or trellis for privacy in a compact space. A few options are Star Jasmine Vine, Mandevilla and Florida Flame Vine are fast growing, full-covering options.

Bamboo - I know what you are thinking, I don't want bamboo going everywhere in my yard, but you're thinking of running bamboo. All of the varieties that we carry are clumping bamboo, and while over time the clumps can get large , especially on big varieties like Giant Timber, many maintain a smaller profile. For bamboo tips, see the garden article below.

There you have it, lots of options for blocking out pesky neighbors. Enjoy your summer doing whatever you like to do in your backyard. Go on, with those beautiful hedges you've planted there won't be anyone watching.

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Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Growing Bamboo

Bamboo is an interesting plant. It is a type of grass and although it is quite fast-growing, its growth is concentrated into just a few months out of the year. Another fun fact about bamboo: it only flowers every 60 to 130 years depending on the species. Not only is it a rare occurence, but since most bamboo is grown from root divisions, when the mother plant begins to bloom, almost all of the root divisions that came from the same plant will also bloom, no matter where in the world they are.

1. Pick the correct spot - Often when it comes to picking the right location, sun is the most important consideration. And that is true with bamboo. It needs to be planted in full sun with at least 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. You should also avoid areas that have a lot of standing water. However, the most important consideration for bamboo is the space that you have. All of the varieties that Kerby's carries are clumping types, but over time they can form large clumps. The good news is that there are many different sizes of bamboo, so make sure you pick one that fits the space you are planting in.

2. Planting - To plant bamboo, dig a hole twice as wide as the rootball, but not quite as deep.  Set the bamboo in the hole so that a quarter of the root ball is up out of the ground. Backfill the hole with a 50/50 mix of Kerby's Planting Soil and native soil. Mound the soil up until it is level with the rootball.

3. Mulch - To help retain moisture and encourage growth, mulch the entire mound area with 2 to 3 inches of mulch. Any type of wood mulch is fine - pine bark, cypress or pine straw.

4. Water - Bamboo is a grass and just like your lawn, it needs plenty of water. For the first month, water bamboo deeply each day, always in the morning. In the second month, water every other day and in the third month, water twice each week. After the third month, keep the watering at twice each week when it is hot and just once per week when it is cool. Leaf wilt, curl or drop are all signs that you aren't giving your bamboo enough water. 

5. Food - In order to maximize its growth, bamboo needs plenty of food. Fertilizer monthly with The Kerby's Special through the first growing season. For year two and beyond, fertilize in spring, summer and fall. To really get your bamboo growing, a supplement of Blood Meal in the spring and summer is helpful.

6. Bamboo Growth - Bamboo is a fast grower, but it only grows shoots for about two months out of the year, usually following the start of our rainy season. After shoot growth, branches and leaves will start to develop. Don't be surprised when its fast growth is concentrated into a short season.

7. Enjoy - Bamboo makes a wonderful privacy screen and with the beautiful varieties available, it can also make a gorgeous landscape centerpiece. However you use it, it will add a little zen to your landscape.

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