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June 10, 2010   

The wildest hibiscus you've ever seen just arrived at the nursery this week. With names like Crawfish Pie, City Slicker and Black Dragon (pictured), you know you'll find something unique for your patio or poolside paradise! And don't miss our end of the season rose sale. Buy one, get one free on hybrid tea and grandiflora roses while supplies last. 

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Make Your Garden Tasty

Whether you want a juicy jakfruit that tastes like pineapple, mango and banana rolled into one or sweet tropical cherries that you pop in your mouth right off the tree, the possibilities for backyard fruit trees are endless. To see a list (and pictures) of some of the fruits that can be grown here, see our fruit page. And see below for some great ways that you can use fruit trees in your current landscaping to make your garden tasty.

Patios and Pots - Small spaces can be the most challenging for growing fruit trees. Some trees won't be practical because of their size, but there are still great possibilities for small yards, patio planters or pots. Pitomba, cherry of the rio grande, surinam cherry and grumichama (pictured) all grow as small trees or large shrubs and make great fresh fruit picked right off the tree. Make sure that the trees are planted in plenty of sun.


Small Trees - There are small trees and there are trees that are kept small. With annual pruning you can maintain even the largest trees at a moderate size that make them practical and fruitful. Start with a tree that is more moderate in size, like a condo mango (carrie or nam doc mai are two delicious varieties) or Golden Pillow Jakfruit, which can easily be kept at 10 to 15 feet tall. Then, once a year or even every other year, prune parts of the tree off to encourage growth in the lower portions and to keep the tree from growing too tall. Keep in mind that a severe prune can affect a season's harvest, so make sure to prune after harvest time and in the case of tropical fruits, early enough so that new growth isn't affected by winter temperatures.

If you are really feeling adventurous, plant a few unique fruits like canistel (pictured at right), white sapote (a delicious fruit that tastes like a sugary custard and is also cold hardy to 22 deg F.) or a sapodilla (tastes like a pear soaked in brown sugar). These trees are beautiful and produce fruit that is not typically available for purchase locally. Of course there are the old favorites such as lychee, starfruit and guava. Whether you have a small yard, a big yard or just a beautiful pot or pool planter, fruit trees add delicious flavor and make unique additions to a tasty garden.

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