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The Kerby's E-Newsletter for June 8, 2017   

A caricature of Joey and Kim.

This past weekend, Kim and I attended my cousin's wedding at the Tampa Garden Club. Weddings are always special, no matter what the venue, but being in a picturesque outdoor location, looking out along Bayshore on Tampa Bay, really made it a beautiful evening. And as much as we desperately need the rain in our area, we were hoping it would hold off for the ceremony, and fortunately it did. The wedding was lovely, complete with wonderful readings and a handbell procession for the bride.

If you've attended a wedding reception or a party in recent years, you know that one of the things to have is a photo booth. With goofy hats and fun props, you create silly photos and great memories of the event. My cousin took it to the next level and had a caricature artist there, so Kim and I sat and had our caricature drawn. I think it turned out pretty well don't you? It was fun to have ours done, but almost as much fun to watch other people getting theirs drawn, to see what thing the artist was going to choose to focus on. It was a fun evening and now we have a cool caricature to remember it by.

The rain held off for the wedding, but this week we've been getting plenty. If we start getting more than we need, that can create problems too. Click here for tips on what to do. Also - keep an eye on how much rain we actually get. On Monday, some areas received 2 to 3 inches, but Tampa had less than 1 inch. New plants still need regular water, even when it starts to rain, so don't automatically skip watering unless we get a thorough soaking. Hopefully, the rainy season is here and our 6 - 7 month drought will be over. I know my plants are breathing a sigh of relief!

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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