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June 6, 2019   
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The Enchanted Bucket
by Kim Bokor

An Enchanted Bucket
Once upon a time an abandoned bucket sat beside a flowerbed. Although the forgotten old bucket seemed like nothing special, you'll find that it was anything but ordinary. Now it happened that a young girl came across this bucket and peered inside wondering what it could hold. She was astonished by her discovery. What appeared to me to be a withered Lily of the Nile bloom, was really so much more. I watched her withdraw a wand from the bucket like Arthur pulling the sword from the stone and then she let her imagination fly. There was no stopping her. The rest of her afternoon was spent running around the garden waving her wand, casting spells on flowers and concocting potions from the herb garden. She had discovered an enchanted bucket capable of turning garden clippings destined for the compost heap into extraordinary magical objects, all with just a little imagination.

Maddy's Magic Wand
I sat in awe of a child's ability to create beauty and wonder out of something I was going to throw away. I tried to remember what it was like to not have a care in the world. As adults we are overwhelmed by daily responsibilities; jobs, bills, carpools, mortgages. I'm sure we have all wished we could go back to a time when we were young and could throw caution to the wind.

But, since going back in time is not an option, I decided to do the next best thing and take some action. My daughter inspired me to pick up the shovel, my own magic wand, and get started on my latest project. But that's a story for another day.

The next time you are doing a little pruning in the garden, I hope you take a moment to open your eyes to the incredible potential that lies at your fingertips and create a little magic for yourself.

Happy Gardening,
The Kerby's Nursery Family

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Keep Your Plants Watered

Garden Tip
Water, Water, Water

I decided to repeat this topic, because when the newsletter was being written, we hadn't seen a rainstorm in a few weeks. Well, some of us got some good downpours this week, which definitely helps lawns, trees and new landscaping. But believe it or not, we get a surge in calls about plant issues about a week after rainy season kicks in. One good afternoon rain, and people stop watering their plants. So even if you got some rain this week, don't forget to keep your plants regularly watered. It's easy to assume Mother Nature will provide for new plants, but often the rains aren't consistent enough. Keep at it and use the tips below to  keep your plants from being thirsty.

Water Consistently - Plants hate it when they get water one day, then a few days get skipped and then oops, better water lots again. The inconsistency doesn't allow them to grow to their full potential. Kerby's general watering instructions are as follows: Daily for the first month (always in the morning, usually with a hose), Every other day in the second month and twice a week for the third month. After that, plants will need one to two good soakings each week, and of course, hopefully Mother Nature will help.

Water Deeply - Just spraying a little water on the roots each day, or wetting the leaves is not helpful to plants. They need water soaked through their entire root system and into the soil beyond to encourage roots to keep growing down. Consistent deep waterings are the best way to develop strong plants. Even drought tolerant plants aren't drought tolerant until they have established a strong root system.

Water in the Morning - Plants want water when the sun is up, so all plants, landscapes and lawns should be watered in the morning. Here's what often happens. Each day when you return home from work, the plants are wilted, so you water. They perk back up and in the morning, they aren't wilted. By the time you get back from work, they are wilted again, and the cycle continues. This wilt and recover cycle slowly weakens a plant - it spends all of its energy recovering, not growing. Switch your waterings to the morning and you'll be amazed by the difference.

Hope for Rain - A good soaking rain is still the best way for plants to get water. Even with a hose, we can't saturate the ground the same way that a rain shower does, so let's hope for the rainy season to get here to make sure that all of our plants grow healthy and strong. But don't forget - just because it rains one day, that doesn't get you off the hook for watering the next day. Water consistently, water deeply and water in the morning and your garden is sure to be a success.

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