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June 2, 2011   

We hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. We spent the holiday keeping cool swimming in the pool and relaxing with family. We got an especially wonderful surprise when Joey's brother David, who is stationed at Ft. Riley, Kansas, was able to make a visit for the weekend. It was great to see him, especially on the holiday where we remember those that serve and have served our country. Without them, we wouldn't be able to enjoy our hobbies and passions with the freedom that we have.

Now we are back to planning next week's garden to-do list, which includes harvesting cowpeas, keeping bugs away from our cantaloupes and finally finishing the backyard landscaping. A little work in the garden makes enjoying time in it even better.

Happy Gardening,
Kim, Joey and Mark

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Summer Color

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Summer Color

There are some plants that soak up the summer sun and bloom away, loving every minute of sunshine that we get. Below are some of our favorite summer flowers that are great for creating colorful landscapes. Be sure to take care of new plants and flowers by watering daily for the first month (always in the morning!) See our new plant care instructions for a refresher on how to plant and water properly and you'll have beautiful blooms all year long.


Gaillardia - The gaillardia or blanket flower has become one of our favorite landscape plants. It has near constant blooms that are a great butterfly attractor. It is also a drought and heat tolerant plant, which makes it perfect for hot, sunny areas in your garden. And as if that's not enough, it is cold hardy enough to survive some of our recent cold winters. A winner all the way around.



Blue Plumbago - Their aren't a lot of plants with blue flowers, but plumbago leads the pack with a beautiful pale blue color and a tough as nails attitude. It is drought and heat tolerant and will thrive in almost any soil condition. It is a fast grower and makes a great medium-sized privacy hedge or flowering landscape foundation. 




Lantana - A tried and true tough flower that butterflies love and that brightens sunny gardens. Varieties like dwarf yellow and Dallas red maintain a compact size so they won't crowd out other plants in your garden.




Mystic Spires Salvia - Another beautiful blue selection, this plant tolerates our summer sun and survives hard freezes. The tall flowers are show offs in any part of your garden.




The possibilities don't stop there! Bright marigolds, Cinderella purslane with its bi-color flowers, there are just too many amazing flowers to list. Come out to the nursery, stroll the boardwalk and see all of the beautiful flowers that just soak up our summer sun.

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