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July 22, 2010   

The old house at the nursery came down this week.  In the space that was created (picture at right) we will be creating a new flower department and butterfly garden. For pictures of the demo and a link to a little bit of video click here.

There are only a few more weeks left on our summer sales, including buy one get one free hybrid tea and grandiflora roses, and 7' mango trees only $100 (regularly $275). Don't miss out on these great sales. 

Happy Gardening,
Kim, Joey and Mark

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Bring Classics Back: Underused Plants


All Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Roses
Buy 1, Get 1 Free
3 Gallon Size
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Mango Madness
25 Gallon, 7' Trees $100
25 Gallon Size
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Bring Classics Back: Underused Plants

Everyone is always searching for the next new thing, but something the next new thing isn't the best thing. It is easy to overlook great plants that are tough and hardy, just because they aren't the next new thing. Below are some of Kerby's favorite classic plants that will make your garden strong and beautiful. Help us bring back the classics.

Pittosporum - Cold hardy and drought resistant, pittosporum has been extremely underused in recent years. It grows into a beautiful shrub and comes in green (pictured) and variegated varieties.  It makes a great foundation for a landscape or a nice hedge for in front of a house.



Saw Palmetto - This plant is so tough that it can survive fire! The silver variety makes an exceptionally beautiful landscape centerpiece in spots where you don't need something too tall. Plant it in sun or shade and in just about any type of soil.


Pampas Grass - The beautiful plumes are a fall favorite in the Florida garden. This large grass is great for creating privacy and for accenting your landscape. It likes sunny areas with good drainage and does well in our dry periods without a whole lot of extra care. It's very cold hardy as well and doesn't mind the freezes and frosts that we occasionally receive in the winter.



Sunshine Mimosa - This cute little groundcover has delightful little pink flowers throughout the summertime. It is a Florida native and quickly fills in sunny areas. It is great as a replacement for grass. Another name for it is sensitive plant because when you touch the leaves, it folds up. How cool is that?



These fantastic plants are only a few of the underused plants that deserve another chance in your garden. Rediscover the classics and create a tough and beautiful landscape.

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